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Choosing The Right Backsplash


You’re updating your kitchen with a professional renovator in Calgary – that’s
marvelous! Spring is the season for renewal of all sorts, and giving your home’s most
popular and well used room a makeover is a great way to boost your spirits, to say
nothing of the value of your home!

While most people have solid ideas of the colours and cabinets they envision for their
brand-new kitchen, backsplash is a bit trickier. After all, it’s not the “sexiest” element
of the design, right? But backsplash is a key ingredient of a well put together kitchen,
and choosing the right one will make your new kitchen look pulled together and give
it that extra “wow” factor. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing your
new backsplash.

1) Colour should compliment, but not replicate, the walls and counters. The
backsplash should work with your colour scheme but not be matched exactly – that’s
boring! Your reno expert can guide you to colours that will work well with your new
cupboards and counter tops. Whether you choose a shade that plays with the
predominant colours or you go for a bold, striking pattern, the backsplash lends a
beautifully finished look and feel to the new space.

2) Durability is paramount. Backsplash can take a beating when it’s behind the stove
and over the kitchen sink. Durability is the reason that tile is still the most economical
and popular choice for backsplash – it lasts, and resists staining. Although porcelain
and ceramic are also current trends, there is no getting around tile’s ability to stand up
to almost anything.

3) How extensive is the backsplash going to be? Some folks like the look of lots of
backsplash right around the kitchen, on walls as well as over sinks and behind the
appliances. Talk this over with your kitchen renovator; it can look great if you’ve got a
big enough space to add this design element.

4) Budget for good grout. Believe it or not, using inexpensive or poor-quality grout
to seal the backsplash makes a big difference to the finished look of your kitchen
renovation. Budget for quality grout – you won’t regret it!

5) Do you want it to be a focal point or a finishing touch? A dramatic backsplash
can make a kitchen look dazzling when it’s used as an element of the design. Or it can
be purely functional – put in place to keep splashes and moisture away from walls.
Again, it’s important you discuss your choices with your kitchen renovator, who can
guide you to the best solutions for the kitchen you have – and the one you want!

Backsplash is no longer the boring detail it once was in kitchens. There are many
styles, colours, patterns and designs to choose from, to say nothing of materials. Once
you’ve chosen the new colours for your kitchen, spend some time perusing all the
possibilities out there with your kitchen renovator. Backsplash is not just an
afterthought anymore, so contact the Experts at Kay2 today and discover the best
options for your project.

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