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Can a new Kitchen help with pandemic-related stress?


In the year 2020… let’s rephrase. Year Covid-19 has invited many of us with open arms in the world of stress, anxiety, and depression. In this fine space, you will find yourself stuck between four walls of your homes and a mask on your face, possibly surrounded by your family (and sanitizer 24/7) and where your picnic spot could very well be no place other than Kitchen. This pandemic has made many individuals a self-made master chef; from innovations, fusions, and platting you can see social media filled with photography as if Gordano Ramsay is judging the nation. However, the relationship between stress and food is no more a secret. Well, it never really was; but this lockdown has allowed them to strengthen their bond.


With the kitchen being the most visited place in the year 2020, many have suggested interior design, remodeling and renovations of your cooking and eating areas as a way to relax. Jokes aside, beneficial changes and creating a positive environment benefits one’s mental health. Therefore, walking on a path guided by us you may be able to burn your stress into ashes by dumping it into the stove. By consulting an experienced custom renovator like Kay2 Contracting, we can help you achieve desirable home improvement result while keeping the following aspects in mind. 


Open Spaces

Staying in coffined places can make one feel trapped and frustrated.  Making your kitchen more open, introduce counter slabs, and a functional seating arrangement can help revitalize your space. People, especially in this pandemic, are spending a huge amount of their time in the kitchen hence why opening or removing walls can allow one to stay connected with the rest of the family. It helps one prepare meals without feeling left out. The counter spaces also give extra dining space for a guest or family members to grab a quick snack on-the-go, yet being accompanied.


Bright Lighting 

Light up your space! Placing more or larger windows in your kitchen will not only increase natural light and allow refreshing air to enter the space but it also makes the cooking area appear larger. When changing the interior design of the kitchen, infuse various lights for a different purpose; cleaning, cutting, and especially for small family gatherings. Poor lighting or dark areas can mark the space depressing and impact negatively on the room’s atmosphere


Spacious Storage 

While renovating a kitchen, Kay2’s interior designers and architectural engineers can help you install appropriate cabinets or pull out shelves. Clustered shelves can make the cook impatient and frustrated. By making the kitchen spacious and functional, every container will have its own space and easy access for an individual. 


Flooring Space

Design your kitchen in such a way that one has enough flooring space that the room does not feel crowded if accompanied by guests. Small walkways and a crowded environment can cause restrictions that make a mess while working and causes irritation. The situation can get very stressful at times with the added load of time and occupancy in your kitchen area.


For information to ensure high-quality remodeling and renovations, contact Kay2 Contracting today to discuss your home improvement ideas and book a free consultation. Whether you reside in Calgary, Canmore, Banff, or Edmonton and surrounding areas, our team of renovation experts are ready to assist you.


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