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Adding A Sunroom in Calgary, AB


Adding A Sunroom in Calgary, AB:
Tips & Info on These Wonderful Spaces

Looking out on your backyard from a new sunroom is one of the best ways to pass a Sunday afternoon. These spaces are not solely for relaxing and chatting, however; a sunroom can double as a yoga studio, or guest room, or even a TV room. They offer extra square footage for your busy family, and depending on the type you choose, can be enjoyed year-round. Yes, adding a sunroom is one of the best ways to expand the square footage of your home and increase its value. And who doesn’t love watching a Calgary sunset in mid-January, just when a chinook passes through and the weather warms, if only for a few days?

If you’re considering adding a sunroom, we’ve got a few tips on the different types available, what you should consider before going ahead, and how to get the biggest bang for your renovation buck when you do plunge in.

This is a job for professionals. Adding a brand new, four season sunroom onto your kitchen (or other location) requires a lot of time, work and knowledge about things like wiring, heating, flooring, and a whole lot of other industry-specific details. This isn’t a job for even the most enthusiastic DIY home owner, because it does take so much time, effort and specialized knowledge. Hire the right contractor or renovator who can realize the vision you have for the space, and the project will run smoothly.

Do you want to use the sunroom year-round? In Calgary, even our autumn evenings can get pretty chilly. A three-season sunroom can be closer to two, depending on the weather. If you hope to use your sunroom as much as possible, winterizing it is the way to go. It costs a bit more, of course, but because you’ll get so much more use out of the room, the investment is a smart one.

Consider closing in an existing patio. If you’ve already got a patio or deck you use in spring and summer, it’s less work and expense to close it in. Putting up walls, a new floor and other features for a year-round space is always less expensive that building a whole new structure. Talk this option over with your contractor and designer, who can give you the most creative solutions – and cost effective! — ways to proceed.

Think about all its uses before proceeding with the project. Sunrooms have, traditionally, been defined as two-season rooms, usually with screening to keep out insects and allow fresh air in. But today, the modern sunroom is defined much more broadly. Today, the sunroom serves as a family room or even as a dining room, if it’s off the kitchen. But the idea is that light pours in, so if you want to have walls built, consider a skylight or other creative solutions to ensure sun and light pour in. That’s where your professional renovator comes in, as they bring experience and knowledge of your specific neighborhood and Calgary’s building regulations, to the project.

Adding a sunroom is a wonderful way to gain more space and make your home’s value climb. A glassed-in sunroom that allows light to pour in all day and into the early evening is a sure way to give your family a new favorite room in which to gather, chat, and share a meal. Soon, you’ll wonder how your family managed without a sunroom! For sunrooms and other home renovations, contact Kay2 Contracting today for your free consultation.

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