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A Beautiful Basement for The Whole Family: Make This Downstairs Spot Truly Inviting


Once upon a time, basement rec rooms were dark and dingy places where few wanted to go. The atmosphere was dim and depressing, and the most activity folks indulged in was a midnight horror movie and a big bowl of popcorn.

Oh, how times have changed.

Basements today can be warm, inviting, and – most of all – bright! Gone are the days of second hand sofas and low-lit lamps. Today’s basements are all about light, airiness and bright colours.

Here are some ideas for making your basement renovation glorious, so that the whole family wants to spend as much time as possible in this spacious, inviting place. Talk to your trusted renovator to get more ideas on how to make this space warm, inviting and welcoming for all.

Can we talk about basement ceilings?
Too often, pipes, duct work and other necessities of a home’s structure are exposed in the basement. But that doesn’t mean it has to look ugly or unfinished. You can use a sprayer to paint the ceiling and the various things protruding from it so it all looks clean and updated. Or you can have drywall installed to cover those things, depending on height of the ceiling. Ask your renovator for their suggestions, as they’ve no doubt dealt with basement ceilings plenty of times before.

Install some windows and make the staircase fabulous!
These features solve several problems: windows allow natural light to flood in, and a beautiful (and safe) staircase makes the basement inviting. However, your staircase leading to the second floor is styled can offer clues on how the basement staircase should look. It may be smaller in scale, but it can be every bit as beautiful, with a wooden handrail, for example, and painted, white stairs. And don’t forget to hang some art in the stairwell!

Choose comfortable, practical but attractive flooring.
Painted cement in a great option for basement floors, but so is hardwood or carpeting. There are no limitations, actually – it’s all about your style and the basement decor. We suggest the flooring be durable, so perhaps white rugs aren’t a wise choice. This area is going to be used a lot by the family (we are sure of it!) so the floor should be sturdy and stand up to spills and stains.

Add a spare bedroom and a bath.
Even when the kids have grown and gone, they’ll come home for visits, so having a spare bedroom and a guest bathroom is a must. Use this basement reno opportunity to add both to the lower floor, so that when they do come home, you don’t have to put a bed in your home office on the main floor.

Keep the walls light and the furniture comfy.
The basement isn’t the spot for formal anything, so be sure your choices in decor keep that uppermost in mind. Ask your interior designer or home renovator (or both!) for their opinions. They’ll help you make the space feel airy and roomy, even if it’s limited in square footage.

Making the basement welcoming, bright and comfortable ensures the family enjoys this space for everything from home visits to movie nights, games and much more. Build a fireplace, build a bedroom… the choice is yours. But make your basement fabulous for everyone! Contract Kay2 Contracting for your free basement renovation consultation and see why we won 2018’s Best Basement Renovation in Canada.

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