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5 Ways Landscaping can Improve the Value of your House


It comes as second nature for many homeowners to think about the value an addition to the
home’s interior or exterior would bring to their property. Whether a home improvement is for
personal satisfaction or from a marketability perspective, knowing how much you will be
rewarded after spending your hard-earned cash on home renovations will certainly help in
easing some anxiety. Have you considered the impact of landscaping on your property’s resale
value? It’s one of the most effective ways to twofold the curb appeal and increase your resale
value. Check out five different ways to use landscaping for improving the value of your property.

1. Strategic designing

Hire a professional landscaping expert to design the landscaping plans. Many homeowners
make the mistake of filling their yard with all kinds of plants, which doesn’t look aesthetically
appealing, and instead creates a messy and cluttered effect. A landscaping expert can help you
create uniformity by using the right type of plants and placing them strategically in areas where
the plants will thrive and will look most attractive.

2. Plant Trees

Apart from providing you the much necessary oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide, there are
many other beneficial aspects of adding more trees to your landscape design. One of them is
that trees add value to your property as buyers are often attracted to homes having large and
mature trees. Trees can create a cooling effect in the garden and make the garden appear
picturesque and complete.

3. Create a Versatile Landscape Design

If your home is Mediterranean style, a modern landscape outside will create a design clash. If
someone is interested in buying the property due to its Mediterranean appeal, the landscape will
be a turn off. We suggest that you create a versatile landscape design that is adaptable to any
homes style and finishes. Contact us for more information on creating a versatile landscape.

4. Have Defined Edges

To give your yard a manicured effect and make it appear finished and maintained, try to have
defined edges. A well-maintained lawn is usually a high grosser in the market, and you can
create this illusion simply by having crisp and sharp edges. The edging should be done
alongside the sidewalks, driveways, and garden beds as it will showcase or give the impression
that your home and garden are well cared for.

5. Adding Lots of Color

Colors always attract people, especially buyers. The more colorful and well-designed your
garden is, the more improvement there will be in its value. Adding flowering plants, shrubs, and
versatile trees are recommended and if you can add aromatic plants it will be an additional plus.
Hire Kay2 Contracting for your Immaculate Landscaping:
Kay2 Contracting believes in offering tips and insights that help homeowners improve the value
of their house regardless if they want to sell the property or not. After all, the whole purpose of
remodeling your existing home or changing the design of the property is to improve its overall
value and curb appeal; isn’t it? Whether you live in Canmore, Banff, Edmonton or Calgary and
surrounding areas, contact Kay2 to create the perfect landscape design that encourages
maximum curb appeal and also improves your property’s value.

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