Open Concept Kitchen Design in Calgary, AB


The kitchen is one of the most important and central parts of a home as well as the most utilized area. With this aspect in mind, the kitchen can benefit greatly from design to stay trendy and ensure proper functionality. The majority of people prefer open-concept spaces, especially when it comes to the kitchen; An area where a particular spaces have numerous uses and functions. Between allowing hosts to interact and communicate with their guests from the kitchen to supervising children at play, this type of design can meet the needs and expectations of all types of families and households.


If you are a resident of Alberta and plan on designing an open concept kitchen, you may be best off seeking a professional for your interior renovation. Kitchen renovations usually require the assistance of specialized tradesmen such as carpenters, electricians and plumbers. Creating a new open floorplan can further require the assistance of an architectural engineer. Although you can find countless service providers on the web, it’s important that your contractor is experienced, reliable and competent in this area of home improvements. At Kay2 Contracting, we understand how important it is for you to receive quality work and services that prioritize safety and mark on-time execution. We offer services catered towards both your renovation requirements and your renovation goals. Our professional team of interior designers and architectural engineers are available to help you throughout the process of your open concept kitchen design.


We know that such designs come with challenges. Therefore, we have gathered some useful tips to help successfully plan an open-concept kitchen design. Keeping them in mind as you plan out your next project could prove useful and effective.


Tips for Designing an Open Concept Kitchen



  • The Focal Points


Open concept kitchen spaces may be new to many, yet they should follow traditional standards of interior design. You will need to decide on a focal point of the room. These spaces might be multiple or require multiple focal points. Ensuring your space looks great from every angle is a primary feature of a great design. The interior designers at Kay2 Contractions are well refined with proper knowledge on both classic and everchanging trends. Designers can be one of the greatest assets in achieving your desired outcomes of an open concept kitchen.



  • Stay Aware of Color Coordination


It is important to keep colour coordination within the entire new kitchen area for best results. When you’re working with an open-concept design, these areas may include the rest of the main floor. Keeping with the consistency of the colour scheme creates a new ambience to the area at a different level. Choose colours, tones or shades that are eye-pleasing. Neutral colours paired with unique textures are always a great and timeless choice. 



  • Plan Out Different Groupings


It’s recommended to have a good concept as a main priority before starting any design process. Before proceeding to focusing on the room’s style, you need to have a solid idea of the various ways you expect to utilize the space. The most ideal approach to this is to make functional groupings. Regardless of whether you need to join a kitchen, living space, dining area or something different as a whole, you should have a good idea of where each grouping will be set and how large or small it needs to be.


Whether you reside in Calgary, Canmore, Banff or Edmonton and surrounding areas, our experts at Kay2 Contracting can offer you valuable insight towards obtaining your ideal, open-concept kitchen design. Our award-winning team is highly experienced in planning and reconfiguring floor plans to accommodate functional and open spaces. Contact us today and take the first step towards your next renovation project.


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