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What makes the Best Kitchen in Calgary?


For residents in Calgary, the Kitchen is the central part of the house and serves as the space where everyone gathers to dine. This is why it’s important to be kept in prime condition. When it’s time for home renovations, kitchens are usually on the top priority list because of the important role it plays in keeping the family united and healthy. So, what makes the best kitchen in Calgary?

Let’s have a look at the key trends and aspects associated with kitchen renovations in 2020. 

Designing Versatility:

Design’s sustainability is the first thing to ensure while building or renovating your kitchen. More than embellishments try to increase the storage capacity and spaciousness in order to create a pleasant atmosphere for your family. Scandinavian design is quickly becoming popular among homeowners for kitchen upgrading. Monochromatic, muted color tones and minimalist designing are some of the other popular preferences for kitchen remodeling in Calgary as of late. 

Functionality with Practicality:

A kitchen first and foremost, has to meet the growing needs of the family; therefore, it should be sufficiently functional and practically viable. Kitchens, generally, are high traffic areas, which is the primary reason why flooring should be one of your main concerns when selecting the kitchen materials and design. Be sure to select something that is both aesthetically pleasing and also durable and conforming to your family’s needs and activities. To increase storage space, you can opt to build shelves and cabinets that touch the ceilings or use freestanding custom-build cabinets to increase storage capacity.

Going Organic:

Using materials that can resist everyday wear and tear, humidity and heat, and are stain and spills tolerant is an extremely important consideration. In Calgary, homeowners prefer using neutral color tones to keep the kitchen bright and clean. The use of organic, long-lasting materials is gaining more attention, for example, bleached wooden floors with concrete countertops are quite popular these days.

Home Sweet Home:

The kitchen can be considered the heart of the home and that’s why its vibe should be positive and unifying. With the right mix of colors, furniture, flooring, and appliances, your kitchen can become an inviting place. Calgary residents like to keep their kitchens well-ventilated and emphasize more on letting the natural light in, instead of using too much lighting equipment, which is a great way to generating good vibes.

Creative Accessorizing:

Trendy and stylish accessories and materials can make your kitchen one of the best in Calgary. Kitchens are the main room in the house where there is so much to choose from chopping space to backsplash, flooring and wall tiles, to sinks and appliance, and even plugs/sockets. For instance, instead of traditional, exposed plugs, the use of island plugs is more popular nowadays. If there are small children, concealed plugging is more appropriate which makes the island plugs the ideal choice. Similarly, there is ample room for experimentation in lighting. For example, you can go for suspended light fixtures or architectural lighting and even pot lights. Glass, granite, ceramic, stone, wood, and marble are different options for kitchen countertops. 

How to Make Your Kitchen the Best in Calgary?

Kitchen remodeling may not be as easy as it sounds. You need to consider a variety of aspects from matching the walls, cabinets, color, and design/theme to choosing the right materials that suit your daily needs and can withstand prolonged exposure to heat in the kitchen. That’s why using a professional is important and can help you minimize the stress and confusion that can arise from a major renovation. Our experienced team of home renovation experts at Kay2 Contracting can help you navigate these complex processes with confidence and ease and our architectural and Interior Designers are available to help you achieve the style and atmosphere that you desire. 

Whether you reside in Calgary, Canmore, Banff, or Edmonton and surrounding areas, contact us today to learn more about the various kitchen remodeling options.

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