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Trending Must-Haves: Wine Cellar


If you are a wine aficionado, you would certainly want to have a wine cellar in your home. It really doesn’t matter if the wine cellar is simple or more elaborate and large or small; there are certain things that are considered wine cellar must-haves. Here’s a list of trending wine cellar must-haves to make the unit as efficient as possible.

Cooling Unit:

The cooling unit is an essential component of a wine cellar. You need to store wine bottles at the right temperature to retain their taste and quality. Moreover, cooling units can maintain just the right humidity level, which is necessary for wine storage. According to wine experts, a wine cellar must feature a cooling unit to keep the temperature constantly maintained between 12.7 and 14.4 Celsius and a humidity level between 50 and 70%.

Wine Racks:

What would a wine cellar be without wine racks? It goes without saying that a wine cellar should feature racks to store wine bottles. Ideally, you should get it custom build by a team of reliable home modeling experts in your area. You may opt for pre-drilled rack kits but you will need to constantly upgrade your cellar as your wine collection grows. This is why an accommodative and upgradable custom build is your best bet as you can design it as per your requirement. In this regard, the best material choices include metal and wood. 


A hygrometer is a tiny digital thermometer that keeps a constant check on the humidity level and temperature of the wine cellar. Maintaining the ideal humidity and temperature is necessary for keeping wines well-stored. If humidity is low, the corks on wine bottles will dry out and air will seep into the bottle ruining the wine. On the other hand, too much humidity can allow mold to grow and ruin the bottle labels. Hence, a hygrometer is a must-have item for the safety of wine. 

Cellar Doors:

While you want to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity inside the wine cellar, it is a good idea to install cellar doors to ensure that the cooling unit works perfectly. You can have weather-stripped wooden door or insulated metal doors, both are good choices for cellar doors and it all depends upon your budget as wooden doors are pricier than metal ones. 


A wine cellar must have low voltage lighting and to make it more energy-efficient, you should install lights with timers or motion sensors to ensure the right amount of light inside the cellar. Lighting shouldn’t be too bright as it will create unnecessary heat and will affect the inside temperature. Recessed ceiling lights equipped with dimmers are a good option as you can easily control their brightness level. Or else, go for track lights or display lights to create a glowing ambiance. 

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A wine cellar isn’t just about storing wine bottles after all, it can become an efficient unit if you have a sound idea about what to incorporate while building or remodeling it. If you reside in Banff, Canmore, Edmonton, Red deer, Calgary or surrounding areas in Alberta, we offer highly professional and affordable home renovation service. Contact us today to learn more about our home remodeling, layout, interior design, and upgrading services.   

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