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Top Interior Design Trends in 2020


Who doesn’t want a chic and stylish home? It’s a common fact that as your home ages, its décor and design can become outdated or shabby. In order to keep enjoying your home year after year, it’s important to plan for home remodeling every now and then. It doesn’t mean that the entire home should undergo renovations but slight changes can make a huge difference in the appearance and impression of the home. If you want to plan for home renovation in 2020, here are the top interior design trends to make your home a stylish abode. 

Using 3D surfaces:

Custom-made 3D surfaces will rule the year 2020. You don’t need to cover the entire wall with 3D textures and objects but just by adding a bit of texture to the wall display is enough to give the entire room an uplift. Raised and textured surfaces in feature walls will be very much in demand this year across Canada such as creating geometric or leather-like effects on walls. 

Black and White Flooring:

The high contrast that black and white floor creates not only make rooms appear dramatic and bigger but also enhances its style quotient tremendously. It instantly makes the room look trendy and contemporary. 

Using Wood in a Variety of Shapes and Form:

Wood is a natural element that has been trending for decades and will continue to dominate the interior design trends in 2020 and on. Wood helps to provide different styles and ambiances from modern and natural to rustic. However, the way wood is being used will change. It may not be as much in demand for flooring but its use will increase in furniture, accents, and home accessories.

Adding Functionality:

Organized, de-cluttered, and tidy look has never been so much in demand as it will be in the year 2020. Homeowners will think about renovating their homes to make it more functional and will opt for minimalist designs. Multipurpose and multifunctional storage options will be more popular and concealed/closed cabinets instead of open shelves will be preferred to create a tidy look.

Color Blocking:

From floor to ceiling, walls to furniture, and even fabric; color blocking will dominate every aspect of home décor and design in 2020. Last year, using different shades of a single color was extremely popular but this year, we increasingly notice consumers preferring to use contrasting colors in an attempt to find balance as well as to give the interiors distinct character. You can use ochre, clay, deep blue, and olive tones and pair them with milky whites for successful color blocking.

Bright and Bold or Textured Wallpaper:

Homeowners in Canada have had enough of leafy prints on their walls. This year, we’ll see more interest in using prints and patterns with unusual or striking color pallets such as gold and silver. Bold patterns with muted earthy tones will create an interesting impact in the room. 

Multi-Purpose Furniture:

The most dominating trend in home renovation projects would be to replace old furniture with more practical, compact, and multi-purpose items. Minimalism is more commonly preferred by homeowners and intelligent use of spaces is becoming a top priority. Disposability will see a huge drop while sustainability and longevity of furniture will be preferred.

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