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Renovating smaller spaces in Calgary, AB? Think functionality.


Change is what fascinates people. People easily and rapidly get bored by their
surroundings. They always look for something new, innovative, and refreshing. The
same happens with the home. About 73.34 percent of people complete a home
renovation in their houses every 2 years. The reason being the same; they look for new
surroundings that refresh their brain and buying a new house altogether is a huge cut
off from the bank. Home remodeling of the current design with an experience
professional is a convenient way to bring some sparkle in one’s quality life. However,
people with smaller homes face option restrictions and difficulties and are therefore
advised to utilize the assistance of an interior designer, architectural designer or both.

Think Logically
Before starting any home renovations, highlight your priorities by analyzing your
lifestyle. People owning small spaces need to narrow down their list to their essential
needs that help them perform their basic and daily chores. Consult an architectural
engineer that will help one plan a layout making the most of their space.

Eliminate Unnecessary Walls
Opening up living rooms and kitchens are two of the best places that help increase the
layout of their homes both visually and functionally. While remodeling the infrastructure,
the removal of walls that are in unnecessary places play a huge role in making the
house look bigger, brighter and more modern. However, removal of walls can require
the need for specialized trades including plumbing and electrical. Be especially sure to
seek the help of a professional when decided to remove a load bearing wall.

Prioritize Daylight and Natural Colors
Integrating large windows into your home design allows the sunlight to fall in every
place of the home making it vibrant and bright. While considering home renovations in
small spaces, plan to paint the walls with light, but elegant colors. Utilize colors in your
rooms that help reflect the natural light and make the room appear more spacious.

Compact Fixtures
In every part of the house, be it kitchen or bathroom, make sure to install appliances
that take minimal spaces. Use maximum wall mount or stackable capabilities that are
both trendy and functional. You can easily look for some ideas and designs on the web
and in store.

Installing Custom Cabinets
One of the clever ways to use the space is to maximize storage areas from custom
cabinets to shelving that utilize negative spaces. By applying this trick, architectural
engineers and interior designers not only eliminate the unnecessary coverage but also
give the house a cleaner and symmetric look. It will declutter the area and make the
room appear larger than ever.

Floor Plan & Flooring
Eliminating hallways, stairwells, and walkways through rooms can be major space
savers and can elaborate on the area and its aesthetics. Additionally, one can install
high-quality fine flooring that reaches every corner of the room, giving it a maximize
look. The floor is generally the eye-catching element when one enters the room. By
consulting with a creative interior designer and using the right flooring, one can
maximize the appearance of the layout.

Whether you live in Calgary, Canmore, Banff or Edmonton and surrounding areas, our
experienced team of home renovation specialists at Kay2 Contracting can help you
build your dream home. Whether your floorplan is big or small, contact us today for
more information on how to design and remodel your space to enhance its productivity
and functionality.

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