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Renovating for Your Growing Family in Calgary, Alberta


A house is more than just a financial asset. It holds deep meaning and emotions attached to it. A house has beautiful memories of childhood, milestones, and a family. With passing time, things may constantly change within families, especially growth and varying needs. A growing family means the need for more space and varying needs require alterations to accommodate your lifestyle. When your growing family leads to the thought of moving to a new house, you may want consider a renovation or a custom home build.

At Kay2 Contracting, we understand that for varying reasons, not everyone is willing to go for the option of shifting to a new place. In cases such as this, you may want to consider remodeling or renovation ideas. Renovations can often prove to be a more convenient and cost-effective approach to addressing your changing lifestyle needs. If you are set to take a creative and smart approach, you can make the any remodeling ideas work in your favor. Furthermore, we know how important the remodeling of the house can be as you plan for your families current and future needs. Here we have drafted some tips to assist you with renovation ideas, or features to consider adding in a new build for your growing family in Calgary, Alberta.

Smart Storage Options
By implementing a couple of basic storage solutions creatively, you will be able to make more space around the house. While going through the planning process of a home renovation or remodeling, the experts at Kay2 can help with suggestions and ideas about smart storage solutions. They can range from built-in bookshelves, transformation of under-the-stairs space or other custom storage alternatives that make the home to feel less cluttered. These arrangements can be ideal for keeping toys, books, shoes, or other gear organized.

Remodeling the Existing Rooms
When using a qualified contractor like Kay2, planning a home renovation for a growing family in Calgary, Alberta can be made easy. Our experienced interior designers have a deep knowledge of growing trends and functionality which can help you manage with the space you already have. Remodeling the existing rooms to suit your family’s changing necessities is a smart way to redesign the space without going for an entire update of your house. You can transform a guest room, office room, or study room into a kids’ bedroom, nursery, or as per your requirement. It is one of the most cost-saving methods to make your home look and feel more spacious.

Make the Most of Outdoor Space
At some point in life, you reach a phase where the living space inside your house reaches its capacity. It could be an ideal opportunity to wander outside. Building a yard space or a deck will give members a new and refreshing place to relax. Consider adding a couple of recreational highlights in your backyard. Adding a sunroom or patio to the yard will provide more usable space and a fence can help protect your children’s safety while they play outside.

There are a lot of options that can help you make your living place suitable for your growing family. Whether you reside in Banff, Canmore, Edmonton, Calgary or surrounding areas in Alberta, Kay2 Contracting can offer highly professional and affordable home renovation services and custom home builds. Contact us today to learn more about our home remodeling, interior design, and upgrading services.

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