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Planning A Spring Renovation in Calgary, AB


Spring is one of the busiest seasons for contractors in Alberta. It’s the time when most everyone want to renovate their homes after a long, cold winter indoors. Spring is the season of new beginnings, happiness, and better weather and with that, many like to give their homes a new touch. A vibrant and more attractive space filled with friends and family; who doesn’t like heartwarming atmospheres, functional designs and beautiful surroundings that help one make a lifetime of memories? However, all good things require effort and when it comes to home renovations and home remodeling, there is a process required to insure the best and most rewarding outcomes before you invest. 


As Per Governmental and Public Health Guidelines

In today’s days and conditions, the process of home improvements have become more difficult and extended. In these times when COVID has taken over our lives, the biggest change is that we need to be very particular and careful when working as a team. Therefore, choosing the right contractor will make all the difference. Certain aspects need to be taken under consideration before hiring a contractor. The contractor must have permission to operate, the contractor must follow community health and governmental guidelines and should communicate mutually and regularly about their team and health status. They should place and maintain COVID precautions for each and every worksite and ensure that every tradesman or other professional related to the project is fully compliant with them. 


Get a Detailed Estimate and Finalize your Budget

The planning and remodeling of a house can require months of planning; before choosing a contactor it’s important to get more than one estimate. We recommend three different contractors estimating with the same specifications and materials as it is very important to gauge the market value before renovating. Establish your budget and maintain a 10% contingency for unexpected or unforeseeable items.  


Choose a Qualified Alberta Contractor 

Make sure your contractor is well educated and well experienced in fulfilling the building standards set by your municipality. Confirm that they are liability insured and maintain WCB for all workers and ensure your deposit is safe by checking with Service Alberta that your contractor is prepaid-licensed and bonded. These assurances are a must for a person or family who are investing their home, their time and their capital in the hands of others. 


Check Reviews

Before finalizing any contractor look for reviews about their work, behavior, and team. Building a house is not a matter of hours or days. It requires patience, ability to communicate and is a months-long relationship. It’s important to have an idea of the people you’re about to work with and who better to ask than the previous clients. Check online or with friends and family and make an informed decision. 


Sign a contract

Once you have narrowed down the Contractor, make sure to sign detailed contract including an outlined work scope, completion date, terms of payment and terms for cancellation. Having a detailed contract and sticking to your original design will help ensure you don’t go over the budget you have established. Make sure all discussions and commitments are well documented but the contract will supersede any verbal agreements. A copy of the contract must be with both parties to avoid any miscommunication or disagreement and any amendments made to the contract must be in writing and signed by both parties.


Kay2 Contracting meets or exceeds all the requirements of a professional and qualified contractor. Whether you reside in Calgary, Canmore, Banff, or Edmonton and surrounding areas, our experts at Kay2 Contracting can offer you valuable insight towards obtaining your dream-home design and renovations. Contact us today and take the first step towards your next home renovation project.


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