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Luxury Ensuite Bathrooms: Adding Comfort and Convenience to Your Lifestyle


If a house renovation is on your to-do list for the year 2020, then consider adding a luxury ensuite bathroom to your master bedroom. Traditionally, ensuite rooms were created for utility purposes, and were usually an adjoining room with the master bedroom. However, today the term ensuite is more relevant to the bathroom and dressing area. 

Nowadays, bathrooms aren’t only just used for bathing and washing, these have become the ideal location for personal relaxation and grooming as individuals often no longer need to share the private space with others in the household. From this perspective, an ensuite bathroom is the perfect design addition that you should incorporate into your upcoming home remodeling project. The experts and designers at Kay2 are here to help. Here are some of the key benefits of luxury ensuite bathrooms:

Maximum Comfort and Convenience for Residents:

One of the main benefits of a home renovation is that you can customize the property to meet your evolving needs and requirements. A luxury ensuite bathroom is highly rated a must-have addition in your house remodeling project if you want to enhance the comfort factor as well as buyer attraction in the event that you want to sell the house in the future. It effortlessly adds a touch of luxury and style to your bedroom, and is also a practical addition to the property. Moreover, home renovation shouldn’t be just about adding on functionality, it also should enhance the comfort level and convenience of residents.

Offer Privacy to the User:

If you live in a joint family environment, multi-individual environment or in a busy family home, adding a luxury ensuite bathroom should be on top of your home renovation list. Privacy is usually a farfetched dream in busy households and adults often find it difficult to get some time to unwind after a hard day at work. Having a private luxury ensuite bathroom, you can ensure to stay undisturbed for as long as you want to. It will not only provide you privacy but will also offer you ample opportunity to relax and groom yourself in your own custom sanctuary. Cramped early morning rushes, will fade away as the benefits of the extra space are realized by everyone around. 

Adding Value to the Property:

Ensuite bathrooms are regarded as a practical luxury that is often one of the key facilities looked for by potential buyers when searching for a new home or property. By adding an ensuite bathroom on your property or updating the existing one, you can easily attract potential buyers/homeowners and expect a higher return on investment. The increase in property value can be realised immediately with the new addition. That’s because ensuite bathrooms are regarded as a luxury that instantly creates a hotel-like experience; while remaining personalized and comfortable for the resident. 

Your Personal Space:

The best thing about remodelling your home to add an ensuite bathroom is that you get to create a unique and personal space in your home. This space is customized entirely for you, and you can design it as per your desires and requirements. You can make it utterly functional or fully luxurious; the choice is all yours! Furthermore, you can customize the space to integrate various utilities such as spa treatments, cosmetics and custom cabinets, dressing area, and many other modern-day bathroom essentials. 

Enhanced Quality of Life:

In large families, bathrooms are generally always too occupied, especially if there are teens in the household who tend to spend a long time dressing up for the day. Working adults aren’t able to perform their morning routines as per their schedule and end up with a restricted time schedule. Much of this can be prevented by adding an ensuite bathroom. You can add additional toilets, double sinks, and other facilities to ensure that everyone leaves the house on time. This will have a positive impact on the family’s overall quality of life. 

Our award-winning team at Kay2 Contracting are among the best in the industry. Our team of home renovators and designers are available in Calgary, Banff, Canmore, Edmonton & the surrounding areas. Throughout Alberta, we have had managed to develop a reputation of luxury, credibility, and proficiency in the home renovation industry. We can help you add the ideal luxury ensuite bathroom that meets your needs and expectations, without exceeding your budget. Contact us today to learn more.

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