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Load Bearing Wall Removal: Creating Style and Space


Home renovations are an excellent way to make your surroundings a lot more spacious, ventilated, and open to accommodate you and your family’s growing needs. Nowadays, open concept layouts are becoming increasingly popular because they allow more natural light, modern style and energy efficiency. Such homes are safer for children and offer opportunities for family cohesion. Many traditional home designs are no longer functional as usually the spaces are under-used and overly divided. These homes lack practical living space, and there’s often not enough natural light and functionality causing rooms to appear cluttered and dark. These issues not only affect the quality of life indoors but also undermine the property’s resale value.

One of the key reasons people plan for home remodelling and renovations is to eliminate these issues. If you’re looking to add style and space to your home, you may need to evaluate the walls that make it difficult to successfully carry out the home renovation required. By removing some of such walls, it becomes easier to make necessary changes and adjustments in the layout. 

More often times than not, the impeding walls tends to be the load bearing walls. Load bearing walls carry the weight of the major structures of your home and if the area is earth-quake prone, load bearing walls offer resistance from seismic loads and damage. The most important aspect of a home remodelling or home renovation process is to seek help from professionals, especially when considering load bearing wall removal. Never try to removing a load bearing wall on your own. Remember, the major structures of your home are supported by these walls. The slight mismanagement or error can weaken the complete structure or may even lead to its collapse putting yours and your family’s safety at risk. The experts at Kay2 Contracting specialize in load-bearing wall removal. Our highly experienced team can help you realize the best course of action when load bearing wall removal is necessary.

Load bearing wall removal is essentially a professional’s job for several reasons. 

  • Any kind of structural changes in your home or any building will require a building permit, as well as comprehensive inspections of the structure. Obtaining the permit involves several necessary and somewhat complicated processes that only a qualified professional can achieve 
  • It’s mandatory to submit a detailed plan for the removal of the wall and the alternate support system that will be installed prior to starting the load bearing wall removal process, thus necessitating professional hands
  • There are two main options to compensate for the support removed: either a horizontal structural beam is installed with vertical bearing points or a horizontal beam is installed with end bearing points. A professional will be able to identify the ideal system to replace the load bearing wall
  • Expert technicians are required to replace the wall and install the beam below the ceiling however, some structure may allow a flush beam. Flush beams tend to be pricier because they require more work but the finished support system is not visible once completed. This option is favoured when a more uniform look is preferred of if you have low lying ceilings. 

Whether you reside in Calgary, Canmore, Banff or Edmonton and surrounding areas, Kay2 Contracting offers some of the most reliable home remodelling and home renovation services in Alberta; including safe and informed load bearing wall removal. Our expert team of professionals are fully capable of replacing these walls with engineered beams, which is dramatically different than removing an indoor non-load bearing wall. We have a dedicated team of structural engineers and architectural designers who take care of all the aspects from determining the support needed and obtaining permits to removing the wall safely and replacing it. Book an appointment or contact us today to discuss your next home renovation project!

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