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Latest Tile Trends 2020


The property rates in Canada have been constantly evolving over the past few years. Hence, it isn’t surprising that to add value to your property, you must think about remodeling certain areas of the home according to on-going home renovation trends to increase its immediate value. 

One of the best and practically viable ways to increase your home’s resale value is to redo its flooring. In Canada, tile flooring is immensely popular these days because these are easy to maintain and more long-lasting than wooden planks. To provide insight and ideas about the right floor tiles for your house, here’s our list of top tile trend picks for 2020

Unusual Colors:

From minty to forest greens, indigo blue to burgundy, and black to deep red, there are a number of trendy color options that homeowners can chose from. In our opinion, the year 2020 will be all about going bold and experimenting with different, unusual colors; seeing the dominance of beige, browns, white, and grey tiles falling to second. Bright and dark color tones instantly add character to the room and warm pastels create a muted décor effortlessly. 

Textures and Patterns:

This year’s home renovation trends will be entirely unique because textures, striking patterns and innovative finishes will be ruling the market. Imitation cement tiles are quickly gaining popularity among homeowners in Canada because their colorful patterns and unique design add to the visual appeal and interest to the house. Neutral textures are also preferred because these create a Bohemian look. Bright colored, glossy tiles that appear like lacquered finish are also very popular these days.

Dynamic and Compelling Shapes:

People are not as interested in boring, plain tiles anymore; they increasingly want interesting touches such as unusual shapes and geometric effects in their flooring. This is why unique shapes like hexagon or diamond are dominating the home remodeling industry these days. Basically, homeowners want uncommon tiles to give their interiors a personalized touch and character. If you are thinking about home upgrading, you can opt for futuristic and innovative tiles. 

Big-sized Tiles:

In 2020, the rule appears to be ‘the bigger the better’ when it comes to flooring tiles. Currently, 60x60cm to 60x120cm tiles in rectangular shape are gaining traction because these instantly make the room appear upscale and modern. Wide and long planks can give the room a sleek and stylish vibe even if used on the walls.

Metallic Finishes:

Natural gold, brass, and copper finishes that create reflective and shiny surfaces and brighten up the area in natural light are one of the top trends in tile. Deep metallic finishes give an organic, raw feel to the room.

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