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How to Make the Most of your Galley Kitchen


How to Make the Most of Your Galley Kitchen

The idea of a kitchen renovation is rather exciting; especially if you haven’t renovated it in a while or renovated ever! It is a common perception that galley kitchens cannot be remodeled as easily as other styles of kitchen given the space restrictions. This is just a misconception. If you want to remodel your kitchen but are confused about how to make the most of your galley kitchen, here are some interesting ideas to help you out.

Lighting is the Key:

Galley kitchens can give a boxed-in kind of feel when there isn’t enough natural light or artificial light per-se. If you want your kitchen to look more spacious without much ado, consider adding some more lighting and keeping the wall color lighter and subdued. When possible, how about adding additional windows to allow natural light in?

Use Window Sills Intelligently:

If your galley kitchen already has windows, you can use the sills more functionally for more than just natural light and ventilation purposes. You can use it as a makeshift shelf to organize or showcase anything from cookbooks and utensils to anything that cannot fit on the countertop.

Utilize the Cabinet Tops:

Galley kitchen designs usually have a lot of cabinets but even then, homeowners often complain about limited storage space. You can resolve this issue if your kitchen cabinets aren’t life-size; that is, they do not touch the ceiling. Use the cabinet tops to store items that are seldom used such as large serving platters that are usually used for guests. If you don’t need this space, consider adding crown molding to give your cabinets a brand-new sophisticated appearance.   

Add some Color:

Don’t go overboard when playing with color. Try to incorporate a subdued and minimalist approach as this is what will give your galley kitchen some much-needed character. Since galley kitchens are all about backsplashes and cabinets, try keeping the cabinet colors lighter like cream, beige or white and use turquoise, black or bright green for the backsplash. The difference will be instantly noticed. Or on the contrary, use brighter cabinets with lighter backsplash.

Create Open Shelves

Galley kitchens that have too many cabinets can appear crowded and congested. It is true that cabinets are necessary to increase the kitchen’s storage capacity, but walls full of cabinets make it appear messy. To break the monotony and create some distraction, you can replace some of the cabinets with open shelves. This will make the kitchen look airier and more spacious. You may install open shelves high enough to touch the ceiling, which will give a sleek and finished look.

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