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How Much to Renovate an Ensuite in Calgary, Alberta?


An ensuite renovation won’t just improve your everyday life, it can likewise help increase the value of your home. However, while updating your ensuite can add esteem, it can likewise get costly too. This is the reason it is essential to realize where your cash is best spent and where to save. There is a major distinction between updating your current ensuite and building another ensuite from scratch. Discover how much ensuite renovations costs and the different components you have to think about when establishing a budget.


Average Cost 

The average cost of an ensuite bathroom renovation is around $25,000.00 – $30,000.00 with some projects costing more or less depending on design and material selections. Your design can range from contemporary to luxurious which can greatly affect your cost. An ensuite remodeling gives probably the most noteworthy resale returns as a home improvement venture. However, it’s important to maintain the cash flow, as costs can rapidly add up. Before hiring a contractor, it’s best to have a financial plan and a top priority of obtaining the best possible dollar-for-value. Whether you are working alone, with a lender or an insurance company, Kay2 Contracting is well experienced in navigating different financial situations. 


Ensuite Renovation Considerations

Like with any interior home renovation, your spending will incredibly influence the extent of your task. The following are the most commonly wide-ranged expenses related to ensuite renovation upgrades than can significantly affect your projects price tag. Consider their costs when assembling your financial plan.


  • Expanding Your Space

While the most common request by far is to increase the size of an ensuite, it is generally the costliest upgrade. Consider whether or not the benefit of expanding the space outweighs the cost. In many cases, a great design or floorplan can accommodate the desired space requirements. 


  • Shower and Bath

Families with young children may utilize and benefit more from a bathtub, while other homeowners may favor a modern shower style. A more seasoned couple may likewise need a security tub. A shower or tub can range from completely custom to prefabricated and the price range varies just as widely.  The cost of redoing your shower can easily range from the hundreds to the thousands. The biggest impact on this cost will be materials selected. For example, showers with custom glass enclosures will cost at least $1,500.00 more than showers using prefabricated or no glass.  


  • Tiles

Tile is another aspect of ensuite renovations that can have a major effect on your budget. Over 90% of bathroom renovations involve some form of tile. Various shapes, patterns, sizes and materials can make your shower stand out while a bound together look coordinating shower and floor tiles offer the appearance of a consistent floor plan. From ceramic to marble and beyond, tiles come in virtually all price tags. However, because the options for tile are so vast, homeowners are generally able to make their budget go far in this space to complement their intended design. 


  • Bathroom Fixtures and Vanities

Another simple update that can have a major effect on refreshing your bathroom are fixtures. One of the latest, common trends for ensuites is including doubles. That means double sinks, double mirrors, double lighting, double the counter space and even double the shower heads. While the increased cost of this latest trend is obvious, according to many homeowners the benefits of this improvement greatly exceeds the cost while increases comfort and functionality.


Whether you live in Calgary, Canmore, Banff or Edmonton and surrounding areas contact the experts at Kay2 Contracting. Our experienced, award-winning team of home renovation specialists can help you design a magnificent and luxurious ensuite with high-quality workmanship. Call us today or submit a request below and start your interior home renovation journey.


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