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Functional Feels: 5 Custom Storage Ideas


If you are considering a home renovation and remodeling, increasing storage space should be on the top of your priority list. There are many custom storage ideas that can instantly improve the functionality of otherwise neglected or wasted spaces. These spaces are commonly found in garages and random void areas such as the space under your stairway. Believe it or not, these can be utilized and transformed cleverly to increase storage space and improve their overall appearance.
At Kay2 Contracting, we fully believe in using all space intelligently and productively. Our award-winning team of expert home renovators and designers can help you add more storage options without compromising on the indoor design, theme or style factor. Here’s a list of our top five custom storage solutions that we can create for you.

5 Custom Storage Ideas

Freestanding Pantry Cabinets in the Kitchen:

There can never be enough storage space in the kitchen. If your kitchen is small or in short supply of storage cabinets, you may feel the need to add a pantry. A potential solution to this is to construct a freestanding cabinet unit. It will make a huge difference to the entire area, while maximizing storage space vertically. Our experienced home renovations specialists can create an innovative design after taking into consideration the placement of other cabinets and furniture in the kitchen, along with the layout and décor to ensure that the new pantry appears as part of the kitchen. To make it even more functional, we can make it portable so that you can roll or relocate it easily.

Adding Closets in the Attic:

Generally, people complain about the lack of closets in the attic and sloping ceiling, which makes it difficult for them to develop the attic into a bedroom or a more productive space. Attic developments are another increasingly popular trend. Using our extensive home remodeling experience, we can create a custom closet and cabinet design to enhance the functionality of the attic. One such example is building a wall-mounted closet with shelving units, baskets, drawers, and double hanging rods where the ceiling angles are sharp or sloped. This will allow the space to be used more practically, and the area will become more useful for the homeowners.

Installing Cabinets Under Stairways:

Because of the sharp angles, space under stairways are usually left unused or closed in. Overlooking this area is a common mistake because stairways are one of many areas that can effectively help increase storage options when planned properly. We have helped many homeowners renovate their homes to include the space under stairways converted for storage purposes. Whether it be a bookshelf, sliding drawers or hidden compartments, you can always use the space under the stairway. If the stairway is closer to the main entrance, think about building a wall-mounted closet or cabinets to organize your shoes, bags, and jackets, etc. Creating cubbies for children is another great option.

Custom Cabinets around the Fireplace:

In the living room and especially around the fireplace area are often neglected by homeowners. These space can not only be used for enhancing the storage capacity of the house but they can add a stunning design feature, Custom cabinets and drawers around the fireplace can make the room appear bigger, spacious, and elegant. You may choose to display your books and everything that matters to you such as family pictures or souvenirs, and even toys and board games for those family-nights-in. Our renovation experts and cabinet designers at Kay2 Contracting can help you make use of the entire wall. Be it a display area to showcase exquisite decorative items or using cabinets for storage purposes; the sky’s the limit. If you desire more practical benefits, you can do both! You may also create a sleeker look by customizing your cabinet area to hide all the cords and wires that come with the use of televisions, DVD players, cable boxes, gaming consoles,and entertainment systems when building cabinets around the fireplace.

Garage Organization Cabinets:

A home remodeling project doesn’t have to stop at the living areas of the house. The garage can be transformed into an area more useful than just as a place to park your car(s). If you have some extra space in the garage, we suggest you opt for building storage and shelving units. These custom features are extremely popular and desirable and many of these options can be designed to be hidden out of sight in.

Whether you reside in Calgary, Canmore, Banff or Edmonton and surrounding areas, our experienced team of home improvement specialists at Kay2 Contracting can help you maximize and effectively utilize the spaces in your home. Call today and get your free consultation for your next home renovation.

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