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Exterior Renovations: Top 3 Front Door Colors


When it is time to consider a home renovation, we consistently think mainly about the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms expansions. Oftentimes, we neglect and ignore the doors, windows and exterior renovations on our homes. The significance of front doors is commonly overlooked. In actuality, it’s a fact that the entrance can be the most important element of the house that can make or break the first impression on people. 

Top Front Door Colors 2020:

It might be about time you start giving some attention to your property’s front door. Enough of the neutral shades; it is time to get bold and make a statement. Here are our top picks for front door paint trends 2020. 

  1. Deep Red

Deep red is a bold choice that instantly uplifts beige, white, and lighter exterior color schemes and looks equally good with black and dark grey. Deep red would be the perfect choice for front door if the property’s exterior features bricks and stones, especially red bricks. Basically, red is a versatile color that can be used in a variety of shades from light to dark and matches the color tones of almost all natural stones and bricks. 

It can make the property look elegant and classic if used with white or beige walls and creates a modern look if the walls are dark grey, taupe, or black. You can innovate with the color of handles and other front door accessories like the mailbox, house number, name plate, or lanterns by going for metal finishes. 

  1. Deep green

Deep green looks amazing on the front door since it isn’t a single color but exudes undertones of green and blue with a slight blackened streak. This creates a dramatic impact. Its distinct appeal suits almost all kinds of exterior and interior color schemes and décor themes. It can add elegance, grace and peacefulness to the environment easily and makes the area look fresh and natural.

Moreover, if your home’s exterior has peach, pinkish or salmon shade bricks or even a neutral background like light grey or brown, this color will instantly enhance impact of the entire house with its vibrancy. However, if the exterior is black, charcoal or deep red, avoid using deep green on the front door and instead go for a lighter color. 

  1. Turquoise

Turquoise is a high-intensity color that looks even better at night. There is rarely such an exterior color scheme or theme that won’t go with a turquoise front door. Actually, this color has been inspired by Tiffany’s trademark blue-green jewelry box. Turquoise is a trend-setting color that hasn’t been used as commonly over the years because it isn’t a traditional. Rather a modernized version of blue-green. However, given the versatility of this color, it suits almost all types of architecture and home design such as brick homes, traditional styles, stucco or stones in neutral shades of cream, beige and yellow, and even artsy homes.

It also reflects light at nighttime so you can expect your front door to make your home look distinct among all the homes in the neighborhood because of its neon-appearance. However, don’t use bronze or gold handles or other accessories when using turquoise and always choose metallic silver or matte black.

Importance of Hiring Home Remodeling Experts for Exterior Renovations:

Always remember the exterior of your home will always create the first impression on those who see it, regardless of the interior renovations and décor. If the front door is in withered condition, no matter how exquisitely the indoor area has been decorated, it will not create an impact. On the other hand, if the front door has is inviting and vibrant area, and features an amazing design it will reflect the pleasant aesthetic sense of the inhabitants. Hence, you should always choose the front door and exterior color wisely. This can be achieved by checking out the latest trends that speak to you and hiring professionals to design and paint it correctly. 

We can help you in designing the perfect exterior renovations and front door entrance that not only represents your personal taste and aesthetic sense but is appealing enough to add to the property’s value and creates a lasting impression on visitors and potential buyers. Whether you live in Calgary, Canmore, Banff or Edmonton and surrounding area, Kay2 Contracting is among the best team of home remodeling specialists having footprints across Alberta. We are capable of upgrading a property in an innovative and stylish manner so as to increase its functionality, structural durability, and resale value. Contact us today to discuss your renovation plans. 

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