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Exterior Home Renovations: Do You Need One?


Your home’s exterior is as much an important part of the overall design and décor as is the indoor areas. In fact, the first impression is created by your home’s exterior. When planning for home renovations and remodeling, many homeowners tend to overlook the exteriors believing that it is an unnecessary investment and expenditure. Should you really carry out exterior home renovations? The answer is yes!

Why are Exterior Home Renovations Important?

No matter how elaborately and tastefully you have designed the interior of your home, the exterior will always be the first impression. If your exterior is in bad condition ie. paint is chipped, mold or mildew is covering the walls and the overall look is unappealing, you can never create a positive first impression about the property. On the other hand, a polished and primped exterior will not only impress your visitors but will also help attract potential tenants and buyers if/when listing.

If you want to boost the property’s overall aesthetic appeal, the best strategy would be to plan for an exterior home remodel. By upgrading the home’s exterior, you can easily transform the entire look of the property without much efforts. For example, adding stonework to exterior walls and accents can instantly improve the appearance of the entire house while adding charm.

What are the benefits of Exterior Home Improvement?

There are many benefits of exterior home remodeling and renovations that average homeowners are usually unaware of, such as:

Exterior Renovations Can Make Your Home More Energy Efficient:

If you want to increase your home’s energy efficiency, updating its exterior would be a great concept for a variety of reasons. For example, by changing the siding, you can prevent hot or cold air from escaping your home. This can substantially benefit your monthly utility bills. You won’t need to turn on air-conditioning so frequently during summers as your home will remain cooler. During winters, it will remain warm due to reduced heat-loss so there will be decreased use of indoor heating. Hence, energy bills can be reduced considerably.

Reduces Maintenance Costs:

Things begin decaying and falling apart with the passage of time, even if you live in an area where weather conditions remain moderate throughout the year. Exterior home renovations are the best solution to prevent signs of aging and from affecting the structural stability and longevity of the home. With slight changes, such as opting for a weather-tolerant materials or addressing mold or termite build-up, you can reduce maintenance and repair costs sizably.

Increase Property’s Value:

You’d might like to think again if you were thinking that exterior renovations on a house is waste of money and energy, because with minor changes you can expect a considerable ROI on your property’s market value. Curb appeal is one of the leading factors in the real estate industry.

Why Hire the Experts at Kay2 Contracting for Exterior Home Renovation?

Exterior renovations should not be conducted on your own. It is an intricate job that only professional exterior renovation experts can successfully perform. Our award-winning team is among the best of home remodeling experts in Calgary, Canmore, Banff and Edmonton and surrounding areas because we have full knowledge of the latest trends in exterior/interior home renovations. We can offer cost-effective packages after examining your requirements and preferences. If you’re looking to transform your home, contact us today and book your free consultation.

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