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Colour & Design


Hand-in-Hand: Colour and Design

According to a recent study, we spend almost 90% of our time indoors and a majority of this time is being spent in our homes. So, when it is time to think about building a new home or renovating an existing residence, a lot of emphases should be given on the design and colour coordination of the house. The indoor environment must be a true reflection of your lifestyle and customized well enough to meet your daily needs and space requirements.

A change in colour can have a dramatic effect on your home’s style and décor, without changing structures and layouts. It can take a room from dark and outdated to bright and modern while maintaining its original character and charm.

Oftentimes, even the simplest colour changes can have an immense impact. From aspects as minor as baseboard and hardware.

To get the Right Ambience Choose the Colour Wisely

Paint colour can create the desired ambience in your home. It is very important to select the paint colours after fully understanding your personal preferences. Our dedicated team of interior designers at Kay2 Contracting can help to realize how you want every room to look and feel and the overall environment you want to create. Utilizing our vast experience and knowledge in the home renovation industry, we can help you make the right colour choices for different rooms of your home. 


A bedroom should be a comforting and relaxing space and this is why you should go for cool and neutral tones. For example, if you’d like to use purple, go for the lavender tone because dark purple is a stress inducer while lavender is considered a stress reliever. Pale blue is another good choice as it is known for reducing blood pressure. To add a touch of warmth you can use pale green. Beige with white is another popular choice for bedrooms.

Living Room:

Living rooms require a neutral background to make the atmosphere calm and the room looks spacious and accommodative. Grey is the best option as the room feels bigger and elegant. Blue can make the space look brighter and cooler in warm climates but it’s best not to go overboard with it. Beige and greens are an excellent combo as the room becomes harmonious and lively.


The excessive humidity in bathrooms makes it important to select a colour that is not negatively affected by it. Taupe is a neutral colour that comes in varying tones, and each gives a completely different look to the bathroom. Brownish taupe makes the room look earthy and greyish taupe gives it a functional and modern touch. Creamy white is a better option than bright white because it keeps the environment warm and bright without making it too intense. Instead of using pastel greens, try pistachio as it instantly makes the bathroom look bright and vibrant.


Kitchens should be a welcoming space for the entire family as generally this is where people informally dine together. Yellow is the perfect colour for a kitchen as it gives the illusion of sunshine. But, instead of mango-like yellow, opt for a golden-tone or coral yellow as it won’t be too bright but will still keep the environment cheerful and energetic. Mint and apple green are also great shades for kitchen as these gel well with wooden or white coloured cabinets. Bright greys are also a timeless option. 

Flooring – The Perfect Home Renovation Feature:

Your home’s colour pallets are a reflection of your preferences and personality. However, without the right flooring, the colours on the walls cannot be accentuated as well as you may want. If you want to completely transform a particular room, you can try changing the flooring as it will contribute greatly to the look and feel of the environment. 

In fact, revamping your room from the bottom is an ideal concept when painting the entire room. In this regard, one rule to follow is to select the right material that would compliment the wall paint and create a balanced look. If the room has more than one colour tone, the flooring should be coordinated accordingly instead of focusing on the more dominant tone. If your room has pale or light wall paint and you want it look bright and lively, try to replace the floor with a darker shade. Alternatively, if the walls are dark, go for a lighter floor. Lighter floors make the room look spacious while darker floors make the room appear more dramatic. 

Whether you reside in Calgary, Canmore, Banff or Edmonton and surrounding areas, our experts at Kay2 Contracting can offer you valuable insight towards obtaining your dream home design. Contact us today and take the first step towards your next home renovation project.

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