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Bathroom Renovation Basic Design Ideas


A bathroom is a place where you go to relax and refresh after a long hard day. Therefore, it needs to be open and inviting with pleasant textures and intriguing colours. At Kay2 Contracting, we can provide you all this luxury at reasonable prices. Our services in Calgary & Edmonton Alberta will give you a profound experience of many upgraded bathroom fixtures and fittings available.


Renovating or remodelling your bathroom can be a tactful task especially if you are redecorating it from scratch within a small space. With the right budget, the possibilities of arranging everything delicately in a small space are endless. The creativity of our interior design team in this domain is very appealing to the masses as they work tirelessly to bring the bathroom of your dreams to life. Our services apply to all types of styles and preferences from contemporary to traditional and even older homes in Alberta. Moreover, our older-home renovations allow us to create breath taking bathrooms and ensuites that will leave you cherishing them for years to come.


Some of the basic elements and features of the best bathroom renovation ideas consist of:

  • Thermostatic Shower System

When we talk about the renovations of the bathroom, a Thermostatic Shower System is often a main priority. The feature of large shower rain heads, adjustable shower arms, and temperature or flow control valves are the main specialty of the Year 20201 bathroom renovations. Furthermore, glass enclosures for showers are also a crucial upgrade compared with shower curtains. Our professional team at Kay2 will expand the size of your bathroom and will allow you to enjoy your shower time.


  • Lightening

You can’t think of going into the bathroom with just any light. Can you? The lighting in bathrooms is very significant. Good lighting not only saves you from unnecessary accidents such as slips or stubs, but it’s also highly important due to the factor of grooming and styling and makeup. Better lighting in a bathroom gives you the comfort and control necessary for everyday tasks. At Kay2, our interior designers can recommend several beautiful and stylish lighting tips for bathrooms. 


  • Vanity 

Everyone enjoys a matching vanity! Many will adore having a monochromatic palette that is painted with the cabinets and other fixtures in a cost-effective way. Installing matching hardware seems to be a small deed but they are truly the finishing touches to your bathroom or ensuite renovation that can really make it stand out. 


  • Walls and Mirrors

There is a vast range of beautiful and furnished bathroom tiles for your bathroom that will give your home an extensive and elegant design. While selecting the bathroom walls, you have to make sure it complements the interior of your house; whether you want a darker wall, wood planks, bricks, tiles, paint, or wallpaper, our design team can recommend a wide range of classy and stylish finishes and matching mirrors to best suite your style. 


The bathroom and ensuite is a very personal space, so make it as comfortable and custom as you can. To be precise, you can make this process easier by selecting a reputable renovation company. As an award-winning renovation firm, Kay2 Contracting can help from start to finish and deliver an outstanding renovation. Whether you reside in Calgary, Banff, Canmore or Edmonton and surrounding areas, contact the experts at Kay2 Contracting today and let us help you realize your property’s potential.


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