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5 Great Reasons to Start a Remodel


Renovating is always an attractive idea — who doesn’t like an update? However, maybe you need a little more justification before you spend that money, so here are a few reasons to get started that go beyond aesthetics.

Whatever your renovation reasoning may be, Kay2 Contracting can help you through the entire process, from getting your initial plan, to working with you on the design, to building a beautiful end product.

Enjoying your space

Nobody wants to live in a home that doesn’t suit them, but sometimes we end up in them for one reason or another. Home renovations are an easy answer to a home not fitting your style. Maybe a wood-paneled basement and shag carpets aren’t what you want to bring friends home to, no matter how much of a steal the home was.

Buying and renovating your home is still one of the best ways to get the style and amenities you want while maintaining costs. An interior design expert can work with you to get an updated feel without breaking the bank.


Home renovations don’t always come when you want them, sometimes you’re forced to update because of safety concerns.

KItchens and bathrooms are the two rooms where this is seen most often. Both rooms are more susceptible to mold and mildew due to what goes on in them, and many of them have antiquities built in that could lead to an array of safety concerns such as fire and electrocution.

Leaving outdated appliances, that are built into the room’s structure, or not addressing electrical issues could lead to disasters that are much more serious than a microwave that makes a weird buzzing noise every once in a while or a light socket that blows every bulb in a matter of weeks.

These issues could be more than what they seem. If you have mold, faulty appliances, or outdated wiring and plumbing, there could be unsuspected health risks from spores and random particulates entering your body. If it’s an affordable option, to make the kitchen or bathroom renovations you need, the long term benefits could greatly outweigh the costs.

A better space for entertaining

It’s rare that someone buys a home with the exact accommodations for the type of entertaining they like to do. The difference between a dinner party and a barbecue is pretty stark, and so are the amenities they require.

An architectural redesign isn’t out of the question if you need more space within the walls of your existing home. Two unused rooms can be transformed into one large entertainment space, home theaters can take over that “office” you’re going to use “one day,” and unfinished basements can morph into arcades that will keep the kids busy throughout a party.

If you’re an outdoorsy person, chances are your friends and family like to be outside when you get together, but entertaining in an unkept space isn’t ideal. Landscaping designers can help you build out a space that you’re proud of, whether that means installing a concrete patio or deck, or reworking the grass, shrubbery, and floral aspects of your lawn.

Upgrading your efficiency

It’s getting to the point that most of us should understand the importance of efficiency. Whether it happens at work, in sports, or inside the home, it takes conscious decision making to make sure that everything runs smoothly, without a lot of excesses.

This is particularly true in our time, with energy prices rising and traditional resources becoming more scarce. Having an energy-efficient home not only decreases your cost of living but it also helps the environment. As far as justifications go, this is a great one, because you’ll be enjoying an updated home with the knowledge that it was the right choice for everybody.

Because it’s what you want

Life is short, so nobody should stay in a long-term situation that they’re not happy with. You have to deal with that microwave that takes twice as long as it should, you’re the one who has to see and think about the mold in your shower, and you’re the one who isn’t stuck in the past and doesn’t want to come home to it.

The reasons for doing a renovation are infinite. Basements and garages need finishing and updates to ensure they’re serving a purpose and not killing your energy efficiency, kitchens and bathrooms are germ-ridden and are high-activity areas, and some rooms just don’t meet the homeowner’s standards.

Whatever your reason, it’s good enough for us, and Kay2 is here for your calls whenever you have renovation needs, so contact us today!

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