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3 Interior Design Ideas for Fall


Fall is arguably the most comfortable time of the year. It’s not too hot or too cold, and you can relax inside or be active outside and not feel miserable or guilty about either. Everyone seems to have their own nostalgia about fall. Interior design is critical to setting the mood in your home and you can embrace your favorite seasonal moods with just a few changes in decor.

Whether you’re someone who likes to entertain outside, the host who has extended family over for the holidays, or someone who feels a little spooky all fall, there’s probably a fall aesthetic you feel most comfortable in. If you haven’t gotten into your fall feelings yet, here are a few interior design ideas from Kay2 Contracting to get you started.

Roll With Fall Colors and Smells

Matching the color scheme of fall isn’t too hard, which can make interior design a breeze. The warm colors that come with the season go well with most simpler home interiors because of the off-white colors that many homes have. Matching it with red, orange, and yellow hues will bring a comfortable glow, and it doesn’t have to be too expensive. There are lots of easy ways to make this happen:

  • You can change your lamp shades or light bulbs to warm colors.
  • You can decorate couches and chairs with blankets and throw pillows that incorporate elements of the season.
  • You can accent your window frames with stick-on and print images, or ones painted with washable paint.
  • You can try using various warm-colored plant life for decorations in wreaths, potpourri, and vases.

Any good home-stager will tell you that interior design doesn’t stop at the look of your home. All the senses affect your perception. If you’re looking to make your home as comfy as possible, then you have a few options to get the smell of fall into your home and put guests at ease.

  • Bake apple pie or apple crisp. The baked cinnamon smell will warm your guests’ hearts.
  • Potpourri will give off a woodsy aroma with a hit of cinnamon.
  • Candle warmers of various varieties can give your home cinnamon spiciness, pine tree aromas, the smell of baked goods, and much more.
  • Home-cooked meals such as chili, roasted meats, and stew are some hearty classics that pair best with the first chill of fall and are sure to stir some nostalgia for simpler days.

Cozy-Up the Back Yard

The mild weather and slight breezes of fall make it a great season for entertaining outside. There are a number of things you can do to make your fall get-togethers into nights to remember. Here are just a few.

  • Put out a fire pit and chairs, because who doesn’t love nights by the fire?
  • Switch it up with hay bales. Hay bales are great for accenting your landscape, pulling up by a fire, or building childhood dreams with forts and mazes.
  • Accent your patio, fence, and lawn furniture with strands of leaves and twinkly lights.
  • Put out a scarecrow as a definitive way of topping off your fall decor.

Embrace Spooky Season

Some of us just can’t wait for Halloween every year, and as soon as September rolls around, we’re already planning what epic costume we might wear this year. If you’re one of those people, to the point where it extends into your home, then here are a few out of the box ideas that let you embrace the spooky season and might scare your guests into it as well:

  • Drop a skeleton from your doorway. Cheap replicas are easy to find and if you have high ceilings in your entryway, with a little string and pulley set up, you can put a scare into anyone that comes through your door.
  • Make the garage into a haunted house. Shelving units, hanging hooks, cabinets, and other common garage features make a decked out haunted house easy to put up, and closing the garage on your guests is sure to instill that ominous feeling.
  • Make your basement into a dungeon. You can let your imagination run wild with this idea, and since people are afraid of normal basements, it won’t be hard to put a scare into guests. Find an excuse to send your them downstairs, if they don’t go running out of your house completely, it will give you something to laugh about when they come up the stairs.

Prepare for Any Season With Kay2 Contracting

If minor decoration changes aren’t enough to satisfy your interior design bug, or you find yourself unable to make your home reflect your mood and personality, then consider using the services of Kay2 Contracting.

At Kay2 Contracting, we can design your home interior to match your tastes in a way that will make it easy for you to transition from season to season. Were capable of changes as small as installing new kitchen features or as big as building outdoor living spaces, so you’ll be able to live and host comfortably during any time of the year. Contact us today!

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