Calgary and Edmonton Custom Renovation

When you need high-quality renovations in Calgary or Edmonton, there’s really no other choice than Kay2 Contracting, a renovation company that puts workmanship and professionalism above all else. At Kay2 contracting, we want every job to represent our best work; from kitchen, bathroom, and basement renovations to additions and new home builds.

With a team of renovators who have a unique vision and years of experience, Kay2 Contracting has made a quick rise over the last few years. With the awards to prove it, we’ve established ourselves as one of the region’s best renovation companies. Best may be subjective, but because we strive to work at a higher level of professionalism and craftsmanship than the industry standard, we feel confident in saying we’re are indeed Calgary and Edmonton’s best renovation company.



With Kay2 Contracting in Edmonton and Calgary, you’ll see that the difference we make comes from our process and perspective. We want to make your dream renovation or remodel happen, so we work hand-in-hand with you, from budgeting and design all the way up to the project’s completion.

The Process — Once you’ve decided to move forward with a home renovation or remodel, we’ll schedule an appointment for you with one of our estimators. First, we’ll nail down the basics of your project, giving you an outline for how we’ll move forward, pointing out any large obstacles or opportunities for your renovation. Because we know the home remodeling and renovation business as well as the area, we can tell you what’s possible and what can improve your home values the most in Edmonton or Calgary. After we’ve determined what’s plausible and advisable for your home, we’ll move on to your wishlist — things you might not have thought possible, but that we may be able to work into your budget.

After we’ve established the budget we’re working on and come up with a renovation design that fits your specific vision, we’ll move on with the building process in whatever way is least disruptive to your everyday.


During the design process, we’ll establish reasonable time allotments for the various stages of your project, carefully laying out the plan so everyone knows what to expect. One of the things that helps separate us from other building and renovation contractors is staying on our established timeline. Beyond that, we won’t act as if we’ve moved into the space we’re renovating or remodeling. Not only will we not leave food and trash behind when we leave for the night or weekend, but we’ll make sure any debris and materials are picked up and put in an orderly fashion.

Finally, when we’ve finished your renovation or remodel, you’ll have another appointment in which we’ll make sure that we’ve completed the project exactly as it was laid out, to ensure it’s up to the standards of both the homeowner and Kay2 Contracting. Use our home renovation company and enjoy the difference that our diligent process can make.



Kitchen Renovations — We want all of our renovations to feel luxurious to the homeowner, and the kitchen is one of the best rooms in your house to add a little luxury. We can perform a kitchen remodel for you that not only looks great but that will also cut down on the time and effort you have to put in while cooking and cleaning. Many of the homes in Edmonton and Calgary are fitted with outdated plumbing and fixtures, often making repairs harder and newer appliances altogether incompatible.

With Kay2 Contracting’s kitchen renovations, we can make your kitchen into an easily navigable cooking space that meets all of your desires. We can offer you increased functionality and amazing aesthetics with renovations from top to bottom. Anything from a flooring upgrade to heated or hardwood to new lighting applications with timers, dimmers, or voice control, nothing is out of reach. 

Just think of the improvements there could be in your kitchen experience with renovations, such as newly arranged countertops, increased cabinet space, a new dishwasher, and backsplashes. Those are just the kitchen renovation basics — basics we’ll gladly exceed if you so wish. Let us bring a little luxury to your Calgary or Edmonton kitchen renovation!

Whether it’s a full remodel or just one aspect of your kitchen that you’d like to change, Kay2 will bring your kitchen to the next level!

Like the kitchen, the bathroom is one of those spaces we can’t avoid in life, so you might as well be comfortable while you’re in there. Our bathroom renovations and remodels can give your bathroom a level of luxury that makes it feel more like a spa, and prevent you from seeing costly repairs in the future.

Like the kitchens of Calgary and Edmonton, the bathrooms can suffer from outdated plumbing and fixtures as well. In these cases, home renovations aren’t strictly a comfort or property value boost, because if something major goes wrong, then you’ll be making renovations anyway, with the added costs of water damage.

Of course, we want to do more than just protect you from a disaster. We want our designs to be luxurious and for you to think about how happy you are with our renovations for a long time to come. We can give you cutting-edge looks that will put you 10 years ahead of the design curve, or install looks that combine timeless elements with modern tastes. From the flooring to the sinks, tubs, and shower features, our renovations will make your bathroom look like new again. Contact us today to move your bathroom into a whole new level of comfort!





A finished basement can make a world of difference in both the property value of your Edmonton or Calgary home and the comfort you experience while you’re there. Basement renovations are one of our favorite projects; because of the blank slate that many basements provide, the possibilities are almost endless. Here’s just a few basement remodeling ideas you can run with.

  • Home Theatre — With your own home theatre, you can make every movie into a cinematic experience. There are a variety of ways to go with this, depending on how immersive of an experience you’re looking for and how deep you want to go in the renovation process. Your basement can be made to mirror a cinematic theatre or reflect a luxurious atmosphere with any bells and whistles you can think of.

  • Arcade — An in-home arcade makes your basement a space for entertaining when you have a party or large gathering, plus you’ll have a space inside the house where your children will never get bored.

  • Home Bar — Having a bar put in as one of your basement renovations is definitely something that makes entertaining a breeze. Not only will it make enjoying sports and evenings-in easier, but with the right mixologist behind the bar, you can be the house where all your friends come together.

  • Home Gym — If you’ve always been a gym-goer, then we can give you a gym that’s just a staircase away and that will save you money in the long run compared to paying expensive gym fees for you and your family.

Those are really just the beginning of basement renovation options. If you have a really big basement space, we might even be able to fit in two of these projects. Whatever your vision may be, we can work to make it happen and turn your basement from a dingy storage space into a luxurious comfort. To unlock all the possibilities your basement holds, contact Kay2 today!

The bedroom may not be a central hub of the home, but when you need to slip away, it should be an area that you feel at your most comfortable. Whether it’s lighting, new carpet or other floorings, or built-in features such as shelving or closets, our renovations can make your bedroom into the ideal space for you. Some typical bedroom renovations we see are:

  • Adding a closet

  • Adding a bathroom

  • Adding shelving

  • Creating wall indents for TV mounting

  • New lighting installation

  • New carpets or hardwood

Whatever you envision, we’re sure we can make your renovation dreams happen. Whether you want a life of simplicity or one with all the bells and whistles, we’ll get you a luxurious looking bedroom that fits your personality and needs. Call today for your dream bedroom renovation in Edmonton or Calgary!



Renovations aren’t the only thing we do at Kay2. We also do new custom home builds for Calgary and Edmonton. As experienced as we are, we can build your home from the ground up. With us, you won’t get a production-based home developer. We don’t pump out homes, we take our time and build quality homes that are devoid of the flaws you might get otherwise. We build beautiful homes, on time, and without careless mistakes or needless extra costs. 

Most of our custom-builds are infill projects, meaning we tear down an existing home and put a unique home that matches your specifications in its place. With the number of affordable lots available in the area, having a custom-built home isn’t out of the realm of possibility for those looking to buy a new home. We’re so sure, we’ll even do the groundwork for you and find a lot that fits your needs, such as being close to work, near good schools, close to (or far from) nightlife, and a host of other factors. If you’ve already got the ideal home or lot picked out, then all the better — we’ll work with you to pull the rest of the factors together.

With Kay2 Contracting, you get contractors who know the area and who will work hard to make sure you and your home get the best renovations. Not only can we make your luxury dreams come true, but we can raise your property values with renovations that will hold up for the long term.

There’s obviously a lot of planning and prep that goes into building an entirely new home, but as we’ve stated before, that’s part of what sets Kay2 apart from our competition. We’ll go through the whole process with you step-by-step and make sure we’re working in tune with your vision. After all, you’re investing in your future, and we want to do everything we can to make that future as comfortable as possible.

When you hire our contracting company, you’ll be getting more than the solid foundation, quality interior finishes, luxury, and practicality that you should expect with a brand new home. You’ll be getting our unique, high-level standard of communication that we bring to every project. Here’s just a little of what to expect:

  • Free initial building design consultation

  • Full and Comprehensive needs analysis

  • Budget development

  • A digital picture of the design plan

  • Product and appliance consultation

  • Continued design development through the process, as much as needed and possible

  • Itemized project pricing

We do all this to ensure that you get exactly the home you’re looking for and that you know exactly what you’re paying for. While we strive to make the best looking and most luxurious custom-built homes possible, it doesn’t mean you should be paying unfair prices or paying extra for things you don’t want or need. Early affirmation of costs gives you and us piece-of-mind while we build your home. Get in touch today to start on your custom-built dream home in Edmonton or Calgary!

The Process




At Kay2, we want to be known for providing as much luxury to our clients as possible. When we do your renovations, there’s almost no end to the exquisite features we can provide. No matter what room of the house it is, we’ll make you never want to leave. Here are some popular ideas of things we can do for you:



Luxury Bathroom Renovations — We all know what a sweet escape the bathroom can be, whether you’re home after a long day or just need some time away from the kids, the bathroom should be a place of ultimate comfort. It’s no wonder that bathroom renovations is what many people start with for their luxury home upgrades:

  • Heated Everything — When it comes to wintertime in Edmonton and Calgary, you know that it’s going to be cold, but with Kay2 renovations, you can be snuggled in the warm embrace of your bathroom to start the morning. With heated shower and tile floors, toilet seats, and towel racks, every morning can feel like a mini trip to the spa.

  • Intimate Lighting — There’s a reason spas aren’t brightly lit, fluorescent wastelands, it’s because it’s not relaxing! The atmosphere of your bathroom shouldn’t match your workplace. With Kay2, you can get the best lighting and color matching for a relaxed, luxurious feel.

  • His and Her Bathrooms — Let’s face it, there’s a reason that men and women don’t share the same bathroom if they don’t have to. With Kay2, you can have the luxury of your own bathroom, often within the space of your current master bathroom.

The kitchen is where many of us do most of the work that we don’t get paid for. We also spend a lot of money on products to make our lives in the kitchen easier, so why not take that approach when renovating your kitchen? These luxury kitchen ideas can help you save money on appliances and time spent in the kitchen:

  • Granite or Marble Countertops — Not only will they give your kitchen a luxurious shine, but they’re also easy to clean.

  • A Center Island — Adding an island to your kitchen takes some of the strain off your countertops and puts food debris in a confined location for easy cleanup. Plus, they provide a space for guests to sit and chat with the cook.

  • Dual Ovens — One thing that can make life easier on anybody who cooks for large gatherings is dual ovens. Having two ovens makes holiday and entertainment prep go much smoother. We can also install industrial ventilation, so you can be sure that your luxurious cooking space never has mold or grease complications.


Kitchen Renovations


Living Rooms and Basements

Luxury Living Rooms and Basements — The entertainment areas of your home are where guests will really be able to take part in the luxury of your home. Here are a few of the more common luxury updates we’ve taken part in:

  • Basement Bars and Kitchens — Many homes have the space to install a full bar or kitchen. Often times, proper ventilation will have to be added, but entertaining an entire party with just the use of your basement isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

  • Home Theaters — If you want a movie theater experience in your home and you have the space to do it, then it’s a dream that Kay2 can deliver. We can design it for a classic look, or to match the most luxurious theaters of today.

  • Indoor Pools — With Kay2 Contracting, you can swim all year long and have an entertainment space that is the eternal envy of your Calgary and Edmonton neighbors.



While most of our work in Calgary and Edmonton is residential, we also offer some of the best commercial renovations in the region. Our services transfer beautifully to property renovations for rental properties, but we’re a multi-dimensional company. We can also offer you renovation and building services that can make your office or business into a place where customers and employees alike love to come.

Whatever your business needs may be, we can:

  • Renovate and restore your office or workspace.

  • Repair and update electrical, plumbing, and other general contract work.

  • Perform hazardous material removal and disposal.

  • Renovate and maximize your space for occupancy.

  • Build your commercial space from the ground up.

  • And so much more!

If you need updates to your business, then we strongly advise you to choose Kay2 Contracting. If you’re a company in Calgary or Edmonton that goes above and beyond, then you should want a construction company that does as well. Get in touch today!

Kay2 Contracting for All Your Renovation, Remodel, and Building Needs!

We’ve really only scratched the surface of everything that we do at Kay2 contracting, but that’s because we do it all. We haven’t even mentioned our landscaping, concrete, and garden suite services! For a construction and renovation company that does it all, and at a standard higher than the competition, contact Kay2 Contracting in Edmonton or Calgary today!

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