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With a higher sense of responsibility towards our clients and high expectations for every project that we do, it’s only natural that Kay2 Contracting delivers some of the most luxurious homes in Edmonton and Calgary. Our services have been winning awards since our inception into the renovation and remodeling industry, and we’re confident that we can deliver any client’s dream home.

With the innovations that we’ve seen over the last 20 or so years, your home can be more luxurious and comfortable than ever before. We can make your life easier with smart home innovations and appliances, and more attractive with classic wood and stone finishes or more modern ones like stainless steel and concrete.

Whatever your dreams may be, the list of luxury kitchen, bathroom, basement, and home renovations that we can offer is nearly endless. We even have options available for your landscape and garden suites. Take a look at all we have to offer, and then contact us in Edmonton or Calgary to learn more, because our standards go above and beyond what we could ever show you here.

Smart Home Renovations for 2020

2020 is here and homes are stepping into the future. Kitchen, baths, basements, and bedrooms are becoming more automated and sleek while designers go for bolder colors and patterns than we’ve seen previously. Some industry experts are saying that 2020 will be a time of changing tides, where new homes start to become smart homes with fully integrated appliances and features that learn your preferences, have countless automations, and even communicate with each other.

With a renovation or remodel from Kay2, your home can stay up to date with the latest homes being built while keeping it’s more classic aspects or moving on to a more modern look. With a skilled staff of experienced, award-winning general contractors and a proven process, we can make your home stand out now and well into the future.




The kitchen is the most popular room to renovate, and why shouldn’t it be? There’s so much work to be done in the kitchen as opposed to the other rooms in your house, so why not make cooking and cleaning as easy as possible while also making your home shine a little brighter? With Kay2 Contracting in Edmonton and Calgary, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Here are a few of the more popular features and designs being implemented in 2020.

Colors, Colors, Colors — Everybody is touting colors this year and moving away from muted tones. High-fashion dictates that unique styles and colors be used in the 2020s. From abstract designs to vibrant, solid colors — ovens, refrigerators, sinks, and other appliances are getting makeovers from the traditional white, black, or cream-colored versions that we’ve become so accustomed to. However, if you’re looking for something that will give your home a fresh look and stand up to time’s changing trends, then consider traditional white or stone features with bronze or rose-gold finishings. 

Smart Kitchen Technology — As we’ve said, smart appliances and features are driving a sea of change in the remodeling and renovation industry, and it’s especially true in the kitchen with new ideas coming to fruition every day. High tech faucets, with water efficiency, touch-free activation features, and no-fingerprint coating, make up over half of all faucet installations and over a quarter of major appliances have smart features built-in as well. Ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, and more come with helpful automations that help you get through your work quicker. We can even install a smart kitchen hub, so you can connect all of your kitchen’s devices, get cooking assistance, or watch Netflix, all from one central location.

New Materials and Finishes — Designers are looking for more variety in 2020, and we can help bring that to you with a large variety of cabinet and countertop options. You can simply go with new, bold colors and materials or go for an even more cutting edge look with countertops and cabinets that integrate metallic and glass as well as advanced lighting and tech capabilities.



Right along with the kitchen, the bathroom is taking a huge leap forward from traditional designs because of its status as a high-utility room. Basically every aspect of the traditional bathroom has evolved over the last 20 years into something more useful, more comfortable, or both. From showerheads to mirrors, there’s not a single aspect of the bathroom that hasn’t improved. With innovations from Kay2 Contracting, your bathroom can be an escape year-round.

Showers and Tubs

Obviously a focal point of the bathroom, showers and tubs have made huge leaps both in style and technology over the last few years to embrace a new level of comfort. Some of the newer features that homeowners have embraced for their bathroom shower or tub renovations include digital controls, steam features, integrated sound systems, and more high fashion fixtures made of copper, bronze, or other high-fashion metal.

Homeowners in Calgary and Edmonton who are ready for a new shower or bath experience all together may choose an entirely new installation, such as a standalone bathtub with a heated backrest or a steam shower. These new installations offer a sense of elegance while still being modern, and steam showers have been known to have health benefits — as well as saving you on utility costs with a system that uses roughly four percent as much water as a traditional shower.

Toilets and Sinks

Toilets are coming into the future, or at least catching up to the Japanese. There are a wide variety of toilet options now available with a host of features, including bidets, heated toilet seats, self-cleaning systems, water-saving technology, and touchless toilet applications. The new trends in bathroom sinks are more stylistic, with a large increase in and standalone sinks and a shift towards more metal and stone sinks.



The range of capabilities in the modern home is almost endless, but many of them come in the form of something completely new. However, as always, the old has become new again as well, with homeowners and designers alike embracing some of the core elements of the traditional bathroom.

  • When it comes to appliance upgrades, luxury bathroom options are more available than ever before. Gone are the days when a toilet, tub, and shower completed a bathroom. Now you can live in comfort all of the time with options like refrigerated or heated cabinetry and drawers, smart mirrors which can provide all the browsing power of a tablet while analyzing and storing information about health factors, and waterproof televisions and monitors which allow you to stay entertained even when you’re in the shower!

  • While the capabilities of bathroom appliances and features are becoming more complex, style trends are modernly simplistic or staying in line with old favorites. For those who want a more modern look, popular trends include minimal, high fashion features and finishes or sleek, and biophilic designs. Biophilic designs are a somewhat new concept, but they bring aspects of the outside world into your home to create a bathroom oasis. Examples include things as simple as clear window panes facing out into nature or as extreme as shower walls and floors featuring plant installations.

  • When you’re looking to top off your bathroom, we have timeless styles and lighting features that can give you the feeling of luxury and comfortable ambiance that you desire. Terrazo features, exposed plumbing, and LED lighting are just a few features that have been around for a while but that are being used to add fresh, modern looks to many homes. When you need to add some new appeal or fresh appliances to make your bathroom into a luxury bathroom, contact Kay2 Contracting to see all the possibilities awaiting your Calgary or Edmonton renovation.



Updating your bedroom isn’t usually as intensive in technology upgrades as kitchen and bathroom renovations, but there are still a host of things you can do to make your bedroom into one with a modern look with all the traditional comforts and then some. Here are a few design styles that are ramping up in popularity in 2020.


Natura bedroom designs are a part of the biophilia movement in housing. These bedroom designs emphasize man’s relationship to nature with wood and stone features, along with integrated natural lighting and plant features. If you want to take on a modern look and be a little closer to nature, then the minimalist features of Natura and finely crafted and ethically sourced materials that come with it are a great place to start.

Jewel Tones

The color movement being seen in the kitchen is making its way to the bedroom with jewel tones and metallic finishes. These current styles are great news for anyone that wants to make a home renovation while staying on-trend. Since bedroom styles change faster than other rooms and require less major installations, you can make timeless renovations during your remodel that are simultaneously up-to-date. Natural-looking wood floors, fireplaces, and walk-in closets are all installations that go great with jewel tones and traditional looks.

Layered Textures

Along with the color movement, homeowners and designers are embracing more patterns and “textures” than they have in recent years. For your home’s bedroom renovation, this might mean hardwood or stone flooring that follows its own pattern or none at all as well as a large variety of options for natural wood art installations.

Whatever type of room you’re hoping to create, we’re sure we can set the structure for your ultimate master bedroom escape in Calgary or Edmonton.



The garden suite is booming in popularity in Edmonton and Calgary and why shouldn’t it be? It’s a great way to make extra cash or make your family more comfortable when they come to visit. However, making your garden sweet more luxurious is one of the best ways to enhance both of those things!

With a garden suite renovation or new build from Kay2 Contracting, you can get a small apartment on your property with a world of innovations at its fingertips or one that takes on a modern elegance that fits seamlessly into the design of your landscape. We can make your garden suite into a smart home or one with natural wood finishes and simple elegance. Either way, your guests will never want to leave the luxury of your garden suite!

Trust Kay2 Contracting for All Your Luxury Renovations In Calgary And Edmonton

If you’re thinking about home, kitchen, or bathroom renovations, then we hope these modern ideas have helped inform you on what you want and need for your home. If you have any more questions about what we can do for your luxury remodeling project, then please don’t hesitate to call. Anytime you need home renovations, make Kay2 Contracting your first choice among general contractors in Edmonton and Calgary!

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