Outdoor Living Essentials in Calgary & Edmonton: Patio

Our hectic and always-on-the-go lifestyle has made it necessary to have some sort of an area in our homes where we can relax, enjoy, and hang out. A backyard patio is the perfect option to enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures. From areas to eat, grill and socialize, our experts at Kay2 Contracting can help plan and design the perfect outdoor living space for you and your family. 

Why Patios are an Outdoor Living Essential?

Apart from offering an additional place to unwind after a hard day at work, patios serve as the perfect location for outdoor entertainment. Moreover, having a patio is an excellent way to beautify the exterior your home. With innovative design and carefully chosen elements like finishes, furniture, outdoor décor or plants, your home can become increasingly more attractive and welcoming.

Benefits of Patios:

How Building a Patio Adds Value to your Property?

Whether you want to build a patio or replace an existing one, your property’s value will increase with your investment. Completed landscaping is one of the most desirable aspects among house hunters; so, if you’re looking to ensure maximum ROI from your landscaping project, we suggest that you include building a patio. Valuable aspects of a patio include:

Keep in mind that the look and décor are not the only factors to considering when building a patio. Factors such as compaction rating, slope and suitable materials are extremely important for your surrounding landscaping, house, and the patio itself. Improper construction could cause extensive and expensive damage. That’s why professional help is important and most certainly recommended. Our professional home remodeling experts can improve the impact and impression of your backyard landscape tremendously.

Why Hire the Experts at Kay2 Contracting?

Our award-winning, experienced and qualified team of home remodeling specialists will determine the most feasible landscape design, patio shape, size, and materials. We will offer an ideal package that suits your budget.

We consider patios an innovative landscaping option that serves as an outdoor family room that allows you to easily spend quality time with your family/friends. It is an essential addition that can instantly change the way you entertain. Whether you’re hosing BBQ parties and birthdays, or even just reading your favorite book, patios are sure to be an instant hit!

Let our team help you create an outdoor space that is both inviting and lively. Whether you’re in Calgary, Canmore, Banff or Edmonton and surrounding areas, contact us today and get your landscaping project started!