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Kitchen Design and Remodeling: Things to Consider


Modern technology has brought both ease and changes to our lives. Especially in Alberta, individuals and families are busier now more than ever. Demanding schedules make it increasingly harder to make time for fun and socializing with family and friends. We mostly meet at our meals, making the kitchen the heart of the home!  Think about the most common place where we have our breakfasts, lunches, dinners and conversations; often It’s the Kitchen. Remodeling an outdated kitchen can serve to benefit your life both personally and financially and improve the function of your everyday activities. 

Recent polls from Calgary, Alberta have suggested that renovating the kitchen could increase the selling price of a property by more than 12.5 percent. While designing and renovating your kitchen can take a lot of effort, our experts at Kay2 are experienced and knowledgeable in this process to help ensure a smooth and stress-free experience. Our architectural and interior designers can assist with selection choices and help you discover the best options for your lifestyle and aesthetic desires. From start to finish, we can assist with every element of your renovation. 


The Initial Steps

The following are the initial steps to consider while planning a kitchen:


  • List the elements you want to have in your kitchen. This could include kitchen units, ovens, sinks, storage, special features, doors: etc. 
  • Consider the space you can allocate to the kitchen in your home. Consider if your home can benefit allocating unused space into your kitchen, 
  • Determine a budget


Some Functional Design Ideas 

These are some of the most commonly desired aspects of a Kitchen Renovation:



  • Kitchen Design with Plenty of Worksurfaces 


Often times the main issue with the kitchen is a lack of area to prepare meals. Our experts at Kay2 can configure your space to maximize the potential worksurface areas. 


  • Multi-functional Design


Because the kitchen is often the center of the home, it is often utilized as a place for not just preparing meals. Whether your children are doing homework, or you’re sharing coffee with a neighbor, the kitchen can be designed to cater to multiple everyday tasks at one time. 


  • Open-Concept Kitchen Design 


The open-concept kitchen is best suited to the living and dining room. Open-concept kitchens are a space-saving option for homes with less space and a modernizing option for outdated areas.


Style Options

After you’ve considered the layout, its time is to decide the style you want for your kitchen. The selection options are endless and often this can be the most daunting aspect of a kitchen renovation. The experts at Kay2 can help you every step of the way. From modern or traditional to rustic or vintage there are options for every style. While the possibilities are limitless, below are some of the more classic requests:


  • Slab Kitchen Units: Modern looking kitchens usually have handles or bar slabs. Different types of countertops can make a dramatic difference.
  • Shaker Cabinets: The wood cabinets attached to a panel provide a look that caters to multiple design styles and come in multiple materials and colors.
  • Country Look: Utilizing light-colored paints and material brighten up space and give it a country look and feel.
  • Glossy Look: Glossy look of a kitchen is among the modern looks that you can achieve by the use of reflective clean finishes including acrylic, vinyl, stainless steel: etc.


Final Words

Your time and money are important. The design, remodeling and renovation combined with the functionality of your kitchen can greatly improve the value and atmosphere of your home. Whether your located in the greater Calgary, Edmonton, Canmore or Banff areas, our team at Kay2 encompasses the knowledge, quality and experience to craft your kitchen by expert hands. Contact us today to learn more! 


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