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Calgary & Edmonton Kitchens: Tips for having the Best Family Gathering Space


If you are planning to build a kitchen from scratch or remodeling the existing one, it is very important to consider the individual requirements of all family members. For Canadian families, the kitchen is not just an area dedicated for cooking purposes. They also considered a family gathering space. This is why immense importance is given to make the kitchen inviting, accommodative, and accessible for adults, teens, and children alike. To make it easier to navigate a great kitchen remodeling, here are some exclusive tips to make your kitchen the ultimate family gathering space.

Create Open Spaces:

If you want your kitchen to be accessible and inviting for all, try to incorporate openness in the design. If the kitchen area is small and is cramped with cabinets and appliances, everyone will likely stay confined into their bedrooms. Ensure you create a functional kitchen design to maximize the result of your renovation. 

Adding a Big Island:

Kitchen islands are supplementary, free-standing, and multi-purpose countertops/cabinets. Adding a kitchen island can greatly increase the functional results of your kitchen renovation. You can use them for a variety of purposes simultaneously, such as, as dining area, dishwashing area and cooking area. Simply by adding barstools you can create an enticing seating area for the family. So, as you work around in the kitchen, you can keep interacting with other members, especially children and keep an eye over whatever they are up to. 

Apt Organizing:

Organizing is the key to attracting your family towards the kitchen. If the Kitchen Island or countertop is full of unnecessary clutter such as old mail, utility bills, and newspaper, your family will opt for a cleaner space to gather. Renovating with organization and storage capacity in mind, you can intelligently and stylishly integrate organization into your kitchen. 

Make it a Kid-friendly Zone:

Adding little bits like a blackboard or a dedicated area for kids to paint while you work in the kitchen can help in making your kitchen a kids-friendly zone. Install necessary wiring and electrical connections at the kitchen island to allow kids use their gadgets and spend time with you cooking in the kitchen is another great consideration. You may also enjoy adding a table to let kids do homework in the kitchen without feeling uncomfortable. Sky is the limit when it comes to ways you make the kitchen kids-friendly.

Why Choose Kay2?


Sky is the limit when it comes to designing or renovating a kitchen. If you feel like you don’t have the required square footage, we can assist you in creating about the best design and techniques to create more open space and expand the area or, make the kitchen look spacious and expansive. Moreover, we can create stylish and trendy customized storage to stock everything from utensils and groceries to bills and mail, and enhance functionality.

No matter what your reason is for remodeling your kitchen, the renovation experts at Kay2 Contracting can help you plan your next renovation. Whether you live in Calgary, Canmore, Banff, or Edmonton and surrounding area our reliable, award-winning team will help you recreate your spaces. Using our expertise on the craft, we can suggest many innovative additions to help your family gather in the kitchen and spend quality time together. Call today!

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