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Water Features


Water-features to Enhance Your Yard

Water-features are an excellent way to add a personalized touch to your backyard or front yard and improve the outdoor living space. A carefully designed and implemented water feature can transform your garden, deck, or patio into a unique outdoor sanctuary.

How Water Features Improve Your Surroundings?

If you are planning to remodel your outdoor areas, do consider adding some kind of water feature in your lawn, garden or yard. The reason is that it instantly improves the ambiance of your space, while adding elegance and style to the property. For example, if your house is located on a busy road and the constant noise pollution is disturbing you throughout the day, a water feature can provide you some much-desired tranquility. It can also help reduce the noisiness and transform the area into a contemplative place.

How to Decide on the Right Water Feature?

To enjoy the many aesthetic and environmental benefits of water features, you need to decide carefully what the most feasible option is. In this regard, you would greatly benefit from the help of an experienced landscaping expert at Kay2 Contracting. Our team has the requisite knowledge, information and understanding about different types of water features, their salient pros and cons and the limiting climatic conditions in the area. After considering your wants and ideas and analyzing the surroundings, soil, landscapes and weather conditions, our landscaping specialists will determine the best possible water feature that enhances your property, increases its market value and adds peacefulness and aesthetic qualities.

Top Three Water Feature Options: 

Though it seems like an easy job, building a water feature or remodeling an existing one is a tiring and tedious process. Not every property will benefit from the same type of water feature, which is why today there are so many types of water features. This is where you need to take the decision wisely. Listed below are the top three most commonly preferred water features that are most ideal for Canadian households:


Generally, ponds are considered a water feature fit for a backyard. Modern technological advancements have transformed ponds into a wholesome, self-containing ecosystem. If built properly and in balanced proportion, you can enjoy several benefits from a pond. From adding in fountains and waterfalls to decorative rock surroundings, it’s a low-maintenance option that’s ideal for busy homeowners. 


If you are fond of the sound of running water, the ideal water feature would be a fountain. Typically, fountains come in kits, and you can design it in versatile range of sizes and styles. Fountains can be installed easily within a few hours. These are very low-maintenance water features that immediately transform your home into an extravagant abode. 


When looking to landscape your yard and to make it look truly magnificent, a waterfall might be your top pick. It is an excellent way to add movement and life into your garden. A waterfall can be made by stacking rocks, concrete or fiberglass and you can add as much style and depth to the feature as you’d like. You can choose options from ornamental elements or succulents and flowering plants. 

Whether you live in Calgary, Canmore, Banff or Edmonton and surrounding areas, contact the experts at Kay2 today if you’re considering a water feature. Our highly experienced team can help you achieve a landscaping design that suits your needs and lifestyle. Call us today and take the first step to beautiful new landscaping!

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