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Deck & Gazebos


Deck & Gazebos

Whether if you have a wide-open space or a limited area outside the home you can always improve it to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the property. However, successful home improvement and landscaping of the outdoor area rely majorly on the design and functionality. Having a deck is an increasingly popular option and combining a deck and gazebo will double the impact and attractiveness of the outdoor spaces. 

Why Adding a Gazebo is Beneficial?

Adding a gazebo is a great way to increase the time you spend outdoors without being disturbed by harmful UV rays or rain. The entire family can enjoy fun-filled time on the deck if you have built a gazebo. It protects you from various climatic elements and if you add a screen, it will serve as a shield to protect you from bugs and mosquitos as well. 

No more staying indoors on hot sunny days if you have a well-designed gazebo installed. A gazebo also makes the deck a more functional area of the house as you can use it for outdoor dining or entertaining your guests when it’s drizzling or hot. It also provides an additional living space that can be used when you want to enjoy some time alone.

Deck With a Gazebo — The Perfect Outdoor Remodeling Option:

Your outdoor environment can receive tremendous uplifting just by adding a gazebo on the deck. There is often unrealized room for improvement and remodeling your existing deck in the form of a stylish gazebo. Gazebos allow you many stylish and custom options such as adding overhead lights to lit-up the environment at night, or even add a fan and a television to transform your deck into an outdoor living room for the entire family. Moreover, a deck with a gazebo will ensure that your outdoor area remains useful on muggy days and you will be able to enjoy summers more than ever before. 

Why Choose the Landscaping Experts at Kay2 Contracting?

If you want to build or renovate your deck and add a gazebo to enhance its functional appeal, we are among the most experienced landscaping experts to consult with in Alberta. We encompass the knowledge and experience need to handle even the most complex landscaping and home remodeling projects. We strive to guarantee the end product will easily meet your style and requirements. Here’s why we are among the best teams of landscapers and home renovators in Calgary, Canmore, Banff, Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Reputable and Award-Winning Team:

Kay2 Contracting has been recognized locally and nationally in the home improvement industry, receiving multiple awards as a top Contractor. Our vast reviews attest to our unbreakable commitment to ensure customer satisfaction and our top priority is earn your complete trust and satisfaction.   

Versatile Services:

From affordable electrical installation services to screen packages to protecting you from the elements, we can provide all kinds of services. Moreover, our stunning window packages ranging from dark tinted windows to retractable systems can add a touch of elegance and ensure maximum cross ventilation. 

Practical and Innovative Designs:

We understand our client’s requirements first and then come up with a practically viable and budget-friendly design. When considering a deck and gazebo, we meet these prerequisites and can also help you with decorating the gazebo with the right outdoor furniture and accents. Every project of ours is a stunning mix of excellent craftsmanship and designing opulence.

Extensive Features:

Whether you reside in Calgary, Canmore, Banff or Edmonton and surrounding areas, we can add all the necessary features that enhance your lifestyle and help you stay outdoors as long as you want to. From an open deck to a covered one, small haven to large-sized party areas, we can create the perfect decks and gazebos professionally. 

Contact us at Kay2 Contracting today, and discuss your next landscaping project with one of our home improvement experts!

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