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5 Landscaping Mistakes You Should Avoid


There is no doubt that good landscaping can pull together your property’s look and aesthetic appeal; while poor landscaping can decrease it altogether. Everyone loves a great looking garden but there are certain mistakes that people commonly make without even realizing it. Here are 5 of the most common landscaping mistakes that you should avoid at all costs if you want your lawn to enhance the appeal and impression of your home instead of decreasing it.

Choosing the Wrong Plants:

This is perhaps one of the most commonly observed mistakes that homeowners commit. It generally happens when you aren’t as knowledgeable in gardening and choose to design landscape on your own without proper research. Always remember that the choice of planting is dictated by the climatic conditions in your area of residence, soil type, and available space. Some plants grow horizontally while some grow vertically. Without having prior knowledge, you may not be able to make the right choice simply by visiting the nearby nursery. If you are inexperienced on this matter, it would be beneficial to hire professional landscaping experts for your garden. 

Too Much Use of Gravel:

Too much of anything is bad; including gravel. While you may want to go overboard with gravels to make your garden drought resistant and ensure maximum water conservation, too much gravel can result in damaging the plants or may prevent them from growing naturally. Gravel doesn’t reflect heat but rather absorbs it, and can bake your plants during hot weather. Additionally, if gravel gets into the underlying soil, it may make it difficult for vegetation to absorb rainwater and will make it increasingly difficult for you to add more plants in the future.

Hiring Inexperienced Landscapers:

When it comes to landscaping, the design is the key. A professional team of landscapers can ensure that the landscape is properly designed after taking into account the climate, water flow, drainage conditions, and ground state. When it comes to home improvement, you often get what you pay for. If you believe that choosing your landscape architect based on the cheapest price will provide you with the best results or ensure the best bang for your buck, you are massively mistaken. A company that is charging a cheaper rate doesn’t necessarily mean that they are more knowledgeable, professionally reliable, and efficient. Dramatically low prices should be considered a red flag and this may signal a lack of knowledge of what is required for a successful landscape design of your property. Professional landscaping experts will help in designing the area after considering all parameters and variables such as the type of plants that will suit your garden and a layout that doesn’t affect the functionality of your residence.

Too Much Use of Mulch:

To control soil temperature and keep the trees moisturized, mulching is an effective strategy. However, it is effective only if it is applied correctly. Quite often, homeowners get carried away with mulching and apply too much around their trees. This becomes a grave issue if the mulch is tightly packed. Instead of letting your trees breathe, it begins to suffocate them, attracts insects, and may encourage rot. That’s why it’s important to hire a credible team of landscaping experts as they will be aware of the right application techniques of mulch.

Planning to Build near Trees:

If you are planning to build permanent structures on or in your garden area, such as an outdoor kitchen or concrete patio, take a look around for any large trees existing nearby. Certain types of trees have large and vast growing roots that can destroy virtually anything in their path and the construction project may become a headache for you later on. If there are large trees in the area where you want to build, you may need to reconsider the location. If you cannot do that, make sure that the construction doesn’t touch the roots of the tree and reduce the risk of the tree falling if there is a storm. An experienced landscape architect can help you determine the right location for your outdoor projects.

For more tips and techniques on landscape design, contact our office today. Whether you live in Calgary, Canmore, Banff, or Edmonton and surrounding areas, Kay2 Contracting is among the best teams of professional landscaping experts in Alberta. With our help, you can create a beautiful landscape and enjoy your yard to the fullest year-round. 

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