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Why it’s Important for your Kitchen to be Functional


The kitchen is a significant space in your home. Numerous hours are spent in the kitchen surging around in the mornings preparing for work or school, planning snacks or meals to impart to your family, or engage in a gathering of companions. Odds are, your family will assemble in the kitchen at least once every day to share in the company of each other.

The kitchen is where memories can be made. It is essential to have a functional or personalized kitchen. A functional kitchen implies that all appliances are in good shape and are in the right place. You would need space for preparations and appliances that are suitable for your cooking styles. At Kay2 Contracting, we understand these unique and individual requirements of a kitchen renovation and believe that in a kitchen, you should be able to not only cook, but entertain and live the moment. Here are some options to consider to ensure you have a functional kitchen

Cabinets are the main thing that stands out in a kitchen. It’s the primary detail that individuals notice. It is likewise the most utilized component of any kitchen. You can change the look, feel and function of a kitchen basically by reconfiguring your cabinet layout. Rather than using the traditional cabinets, you can look into more functional organizers.

Excessive Counter-tops
Excessive counter-top space has become quite an old fashioned and outdated version of kitchen design. Often times extending an already suitable counter-top area can be a waste of space. If you have more than enough countertop area, consider including corner cabinet space. Not only will it be more functional than a single level of counterspace, but floor to ceiling storage can help you with easy organization of the kitchen.

At the point when space is restricted, consider a ceramic flat glass cooktop for your kitchen renovation as oppose to a full-sized stove appliance. Its sleek design fits in a conventional and contemporary kitchen so it works well with many designs. These cooktops are also energy efficient and give an alluring look to your kitchen while leaving flexible options for stove placement in higher more convenient areas.

Spice inserts
Gone are the days where you will fill up jars of spices and store them. The new times bring new ideas along with it. Get your hands on the spice inserts for an easy way to keep the cooking essentials handy.

While designing your dream kitchen it is important to pick a dishwasher location that is easy to use and has smart functionality. Often times the dishwasher placement is a main source of frustration for homeowners looking to renovate. Careful consideration of proximity to the sink while also considering the swing and pull of cabinets and drawers is necessary and often overlooked.

Importance of functional kitchen
Worth the price, a functional kitchen is for the utilization for a longer-term. Integration of functional appliances can be energy-efficient, time-efficient, and can save space. Moreover, it gives your kitchen life and a modern look. Our experienced interior designers at Kay2 Contracting are ready to assist you in building a new and improved, functional kitchen. Whether you reside in Calgary, Canmore, Edmonton or Banff and surrounding areas, our experts at Kay2 Contracting can offer you valuable insight towards obtaining your dream kitchen renovation. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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