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Starting Your Luxury Renovation Process for Next Year


Most people in the Edmonton and Calgary areas prefer to wait on renovations until the spring or summer. It’s understandable with all the challenges that come with winter weather. However, it’s never too early to start planning your renovations. In fact, if you want the best and most thought-out luxury designs, then you should get started now to ensure you’ll have all the specifications in place to avoid rushing the process.

At Kay2 Contracting we specialize in taking care of the details — every single one. Unlike some other construction companies, we want all of our designs and renovations to be exact and to please our clients for years to come. When you work with us, you partner with a team dedicated to the entire process. Whatever renovation you’re preparing for, we can make sure you have all the luxurious additions you need.

Luxury Renovations From Kay2

The Renovation Process

The care we put into our processes and the exactness to which we follow that plan is part of why we’ve won countless awards. For your benefit, these are the steps that you should take when planning a renovation or remodel with any company. When you choose Kay2 Contracting, we’ll help you through every one.

  • Plan Your Vision — You should never go into talks with a renovation company without first having a plan on what you want. This will help prevent you from being taken advantage of or “wowed” into something that you haven’t thought through. With Kay2, our initial consultation will cover what you want as well as what you need for the long term. We’ll have a serious discussion about how to meet your goals — not ours.
  • Meet with an estimator — With most renovation and remodeling companies, this will be the first substantial step in the remodeling process. It’s important to ask a lot of questions since most estimators will be aiming to give a price that will give them the most profit while still keeping the client interested. With Kay2 Contracting, however, you will have already met with us for an initial consultation. While there will still be many details to hammer out, you should have some idea of costs before working out the more extraneous details with your estimator.
  • Design — With many companies, the homeowner isn’t as involved in this critical step as much as they’d like to be. After taking the details that you’ve provided in a short meeting or talk over the phone, you’ll be presented with a plan that you’ll be free to make suggestions on, but without the input of a thoughtful designer. At Kay2, you’ll be involved in the design process from start to finish. Our designer will put together an architectural layout of the space, which you are free to help adjust, and then go over products, fixtures, and options that fit your personality as well as your budget.
  • Implementation — This step is the scariest one! Depending on how well you and your contractor have planned, this could go a number of ways. At Kay2 Contracting, we’ll have a set timeline that we will follow to a tee. We operate based on the expectation that we always leave a home better than we found it, so even while we’re still working on it, we’ll try to make sure things are clean and tidy throughout the process!

You’ll find different processes with every construction company, but as with cooking, the process, ingredients, and care that you put into a remodel or renovation will ultimately decide whether or not it fits your taste. So choose a company that is thoughtful in its ingredients and that follows a recipe that’s proven!

Start The Renovation Process to Make Your Next Winter The Best Winter

It might be a little too cold outside to open up any walls or tear up any floors, but it’s never too early to start planning for next year’s renovation! Start planning all of the upgrades and added luxuries that will make your home into a winter haven. From fireplaces to heated floors and indoor pools, there’s nothing we can’t do to cozy up your home. Get the planning and design process started today with Kay2 Contracting in Edmonton and Calgary for the best renovations in the region!

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