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Most Wanted Renovations: Popular Renos In Edmonton This Spring


What a crazy eighteen months we’ve had, not just in Alberta but right across Canada. Even Atlantic Canada, which started out so well keeping the pandemic at bay, endured a relatively heavy caseload this spring. But now, the coronavirus is beginning to ebb, and everyone is praising our excellent vaccine roll out and falling case numbers. From governments to citizens, the whole country is heaving a collective sigh of relief.

Here at home, residents have leapt into home renovation projects. Like people in other provinces, folks in Alberta want their homes to be updated, renovated, repainted and improved in just about every way. It makes sense – spending so much time indoors has made us appreciate our homes, and folks are anxious to make them look and feel fabulous.

In Edmonton, certain renos have been particularly popular this spring. Some projects are proceeding slowly because wood and other materials in the supply chain are delayed or completely unavailable for the moment. That will change soon, and when it does, people in Edmonton will get their renovation projects out of the early stages, finished and ready to be shown off on social media!

Landscaping, patios and fire pits, oh wow!
As soon as winter’s chill left, Alberta residents were anxious to begin making the most of their beautiful outdoor spaces. That means that patios and gardens were big on home improvement lists right across the province, but particularly in Edmonton. Business leaders in landscaping say they’ve never been this busy, at least not in recent memory. Renovators are getting requests for patio installation at homes all over Alberta. And garden centers are selling out of everything, from peonies to Jack pines to potted flowers and more.

Kitchens from top to bottom.
Because people have been at home so much more lately, kitchens have become even more important to their routine. Small changes, like new hardware and a fresh coat of paint are popular updates, but many people are doing full renos, from paint to cabinets to appliances and new seating. Kitchen renovators may never have been busier than they are right now, so if you’re hoping to get yours done, call a professional renovator today!

A proper home office.
Once upon a time, people didn’t mind catching up on office paperwork at the dining room table, but no more. Today, folks want a properly designed, separate home office, and if it means redoing one of the kid’s bedrooms after they leave for university, it’s getting done! Everyone agrees that working from home is not only doable, it’s preferable in some instances. But you need a private and proper place in which to work, so home offices are one of the most desired renovations in Edmonton this spring.

These are the most popular renovations happening in Edmonton this spring, according to industry leaders. But plenty of other projects are on the books, too, like enclosing sunrooms and pools, and renovating basements to make them gorgeous and bright. Builders and renovators are trying to keep up with demand, but customers need patience to get work underway right now. The supply chain will smooth out soon, and by fall back ordered items will be in place in customers’ homes. In the meantime, have fun planning your next project with an experienced and trusted professional renovator such as Kay2 Contracting; you’ll be glad you did!

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