How Basement Renovations Add Home Value


No matter whether you’re looking for more entertaining space, practical space such as bath and bathrooms, or you’re looking to add a rental apartment onto your home, there’s a wide range of basement development and basement renovations available through Kay2 Contracting in Calgary and Edmonton. Whatever you may need, we can accommodate anything from basic basement developments to luxury renovations. Here are just a few reasons to invest in a basement renovation for your home.

Why Should I Invest in Basement Renovation?

There are many financial and lifestyle advantages one will have from investing in their home and, more particularly, their basement. A basement development offers a lot of basic basement finish that one can utilize in many different ways, and a basement renovation builds on top of a finished basement to update the look and feel of your space while adding value to your home. An investment in your basement is an investment into your financial standing as well, and will add sale value to your property. Generally, the per-square-foot rate of developing the basement is less than the per-square-foot rate of developing above-ground space, making it more likely to get a return on your investment. 

What Renovations Make a Basement More Valuable?

Updating your basement space can add tremendous value to your life, both personally and financially.


  • The addition of bedrooms, washrooms, and developed living space makes your home more valuable and increases your options for entertaining and living accommodations.
  • The personalization of the space with a theatre, winery, sports room, indoor swimming pool, etc. will add value on the market as well as to your personal quality of life.
  • Proper lighting can add dramatic effects to the aesthetic result of your living space.


  • Updating fixtures can decrease your carbon footprint, increase efficiency, and reduce energy costs. 

What Are My Options?

Different types of basement spaces also affect the added value to your home. The three major types of basement improvements include: 


  • Basement Development: This is the development of an unfinished or partially unfinished basement space. Investing in a basement development will greatly increase your developed living space with potential to add extra bedrooms, bathrooms and entertainment or storage areas. The possibilities are endless with the ability to create a custom luxury oasis or a basic space addition for convenience.  If you’re still unsure about the full extent of your restoration, this is a good first step.
  • Basement Renovation: A basement renovation is the updating, remodeling, or reconfiguration of an existing basement.  While similar to a basement development, a basement renovation can help an existing space function and flow more efficiently, modernize your living space, or simply be constructed to better suit your needs. 
  • Secondary Suite: A secondary suite is defined as a dwelling unit contained within a main residence, such as a basement suite. It contains its own legal living, sleeping, cooking, and sanitary facilities which creates the possibility of renting the space to another individual or family. While generally costlier than an average basement renovation or basement development, a secondary suite can provide a much larger and more immediate return on investment both short term via rental income and long term via property value.  A secondary suite can be achieved through the development or conversion of a basement or other interior space within a house, which must conform to the permitting standards outlined by your city. Contact an expert from Kay2 to find out if your property is zoned for secondary suites today. 

Contact Kay2 Contracting Today For Basement Development and Renovation

Whether you reside in the Calgary, Banff, Canmore or Edmonton region, a good way to assess the value that you can get from your renovated basement is to consult a Kay2 expert in your area. They are available to discuss the many options available and can help you determine the best course of action to suit your needs and lifestyle. Contact Kay2 today!

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