Countertops are one of the first things that give the kitchen a unique look and style. You can find millions of ideas and designs on the web or on the market but keeping up with the on-going trends and suitability for the entire home is what the game is all about. Nowadays there are many trendy countertops but few components spark discussion amongst interior designers and confuse homeowners like the topic of Granite vs Quartz does. 


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To help break down the differences of Granite and Quartz, we have gathered some pros and cons of both elements. Read on to have a better idea about these products; But first let’s start with the basics. What exactly is granite and quartz?


Granite and Quartz

Granite is a natural hard stone which is mined from quarries all around the globe, chopped down to the required size, and afterward cleaned to a fine completion. Quartz however, is a little different. It is also a mostly-natural material but is made using about 95% natural ground quartz mixed with about 5% polymer resins. The new engineered slab is then created through a man-made manufacturing process


Granite Pros 


Granite Cons


Quartz Pros


Quartz Cons



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