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Exterior Renovations: In Edmonton & Elsewhere These Upgrades Are Vital


Because we all spend so much time indoors – particularly during the pandemic, but also because of our climate in Alberta – it’s easy to overlook a home’s exterior. But standing outside and doing a proper assessment of your property’s strengths and weaknesses will keep it looking good, keep it safe for the family, and keep its value climbing high.

Here are a few ideas for how to spend your renovation dollars this season, on the outside of the house rather than its interior. These are every bit as important as the rooms inside – in some cases, perhaps even more important.

How’s the roof holding up? When was the last time you, or your trusted home renovator, climbed on a ladder and took a good, long look at your roof? We thought so! Roofs are one of those features many people ignore until it’s too late, and there’s a leak or a buckling that reveals a problem inside the ceiling. Don’t wait! A new roof keeps your home safe from water damage, and it increases it value by, on average, 10 percent.

How’s the masonry? If you have brick work anywhere in your home’s exterior, like the foundation, it’s vital that it is checked every few years for cracks and breakage. You’ll need to hire a professional masonry person if the problems are serious enough, but when it comes to the foundation of your home, it’s worth every nickel. Masonry may not always be glamorous, but your home’s structure counts on it being solid.

Trim all that greenery! Are there tree branches hanging over the front porch and shrubs tripping everyone up on their way through the door? Time to get out the clippers! A well-manicured front lawn and properly shaped garden is like a good haircut on a person – it takes years off, and makes them look well-groomed and cared for!

Is the siding or brick in good shape? No matter what exterior material covers your home, it must be cared for. Siding can be washed, and brick can be painted for a whole new look. Dull and drab red brick can become dazzling painted white with dark green trim, for example. Consult an experienced renovator or designer like Kay2 Contracting for fresh input and ideas – there are plenty of options to choose from, no matter what your home is made with.

Do the eaves need cleaning and painting or replacing? Modern eaves are made of vinyl or plastic, and don’t need painting once installed. If you have an older home with

traditional metal eaves, consider having them replaced so they are maintenance free. Then no one has to stand on a ladder painting them in the hot, summer sun!

Doing a thorough and honest appraisal of your home – everything from the foundation on up – is the best way to know what needs tending to. We may live indoors, but it is the home’s exterior that makes the first impression!

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