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3 Most Popular Home Additions


At Kay2 Contracting, we believe that when adding home additions, you need to think strategically, after analyzing their profitability and functionality. To offer some insight, we are listing three of the most popular and beneficial home additions to consider in your next home remodeling project.


Sunrooms are perhaps one of the most useful, versatile, and cost-effective home additions. They are an especially major asset when you have a beautiful view to take advantage of! By adding a sunroom, you will be creating more living space by increasing usable square footage while adding a full-fledge entertainment area that you can use for a variety of purposes. Sunrooms are quite easy to build and maintain and are a suitable option regardless of the size of your property.

Apart from adding openness and visibility, sunrooms can serve many other purposes. You can use it as a breakfast room or make it the perfect entertainment hub for your friends and family to hold parties and get together. If a guest is staying overnight, you can always use it as a guestroom simply by adding curtains, shades or blinds.

For children, it can be an ideal playroom while for fitness buffs it can be converted into a functional gym. If you want, a sunroom can even turn into a TV room; just add comfortable sofas, television, and table. It can also be used as a living room. Uses of a sunroom are virtually endless.  

Bonus Room Above Attached Garage 

The main advantage of having a bonus room above the attached garage is that it won’t consume the open space at all. The house’s footprint remains the same as before, but you will obtain additional usable living space. Bonus rooms are relatively easy to build as well, as you are adding a room to the existing structure of the property by building up instead of building out. Hence, you won’t need to compromise on your yard space. Alternatively, any addition above the garage can be created to be versatile; perhaps serving as a family room now and a bedroom in the future. Using the dead space above your attached garage will also significantly increase your homes total square footage and potentially gain the interest of a wider range of consumers if you ever decide to sell the property.  

Main Floor Expansion

An open area is very important for any home, especially in the areas of the home where people are most often gathered together; such as the kitchen, living, and dining room. These are most often found on the main floor which generally benefits the most from an addition or expansion renovation. Acquiring more living area that is equipped with all necessary amenities is especially beneficial as you can easily address the growing needs of your family now and in the future. This way, you can make your property multi-generational. 

Whether you live in Calgary, Canmore, Banff, or Edmonton and surrounding areas, if you are unsure of the right direction to go when expanding your property, contact a specialist at Kay2 Contracting. Our award-winning team of home renovators has vast knowledge and experience in constructing home additions; winning Best Home Renovation with Addition and Renovator of the Year in Calgary. For more information and your free consultation, call today!

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