Landscaping When You Renovate: Do Both at The Same Time!


Is this the summer you decide to do a full scale reno of your kitchen or mudroom? If so, we have a suggestion – seize the opportunity to do some landscaping at the same time. It is not utter madness to do two large scale projects simultaneously. In fact, it can be a smart move, in terms of costs, time, and other factors.

Let’s say you’ve booked your trusted renovator to come in at the end of June and start pulling off cabinets and installing new flooring, appliances and other kitchen necessities. Do you really want to be indoors with all that wonderful chaos? No? Why not spend the time in the backyard, redoing the landscaping you’ve been meaning to get at for two or three years? Hire a landscape designer and property maintenance specialist and start upgrading your outdoor space.

Intrigued? We thought you might be! Here are some other reasons to consider doing your outdoor property at the same time you’re redoing the indoors.

1) Your home’s value soars immediately. When you renovate a key room like the kitchen, you’re adding thousands of dollars in value to your home’s market value. But if you upgrade the property at the same time, that market value quite literally soars. Landscaping – putting in a new patio, for example, along with a garden and a berm – can increase curb appeal dramatically. Once the projects are finished, you can bet an appraiser will surprise you with your home’s new price tag!

2) You can go away and come back to a wonderful, newly renovated place. We only recommend leaving if you’re working with a renovator you know well and trust completely. The same is true for the landscape designer. Doing this means you’ve made all your decisions well in advance and the crews can confidently follow your instructions while you’re away. And if an issue arises while you’re gone, anyone can reach you easily nowadays. Isn’t 21st century technology a wonderful thing?

3) It cuts back on costs. If, for example, your renovator or contractor is handling both the kitchen renovation and building the patio, it is more cost effective to have the crew in place only once, doing all the work. That way, you needn’t worry about bringing them back in the fall, for example; they can work on one project or the other continuously.

In Calgary this year, plenty of people are doing more than one home renovation project at a time, in part because industry professionals are so busy, once you get them it’s best to not let them go! You can do these updates one at a time, of course, but wouldn’t you love a beautiful, lush garden to look out on from your new patio or through your new kitchen windows? We thought so! Sit down with a trusted renovator like Kay2 Contracting and do a thorough, detailed budget of all the projects you’re hoping to see finished this summer. They’ll have lots of suggestions for making the processes run smoothly, so that by Labor Day, you’ll be sitting with a cold drink and surveying your gorgeous property and, perhaps, new kitchen or home office. Now that’s a dream worth fulfilling.

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