For quite a long time, the backsplash has been a significant working piece of any kitchen remodeling. The backsplash serves to ensure the protection of the walls over a work zone and supplements the countertops as well. With time there have been multiple changes and variations in the styles, designs, and installations. Today, we can enjoy the luxury of installing exceptional materials like glass, mirror, natural stones, wood and so much more. Designing the backsplash while remodeling or renovating your kitchen has become more artistic, aesthetic, and creative with an array of designs to infuse tiles and textures. 


If you are in the market for a kitchen renovation and you’re not sure where to start, Kay2 Contracting can have your problems solved. Regardless of the design, material or home improvement service required, Kay2 experts have the knowledge and experience to assist you. Kitchen renovations are hands down the most sought-after home renovation. With our award-winning team and exceptional customer service, you can enjoy the comfort of knowing you are in good hands when remodeling your kitchen. Discussed below are a few ideas and styles of kitchen backsplash tile patterns that are unique and increasingly trendy.


When it comes to unforeseen kitchen backsplash design ideas that are easy on the pocket and simple to install, tin is a contender. For a unique look with a gesture to vintage styling, you may consider a chic tin wall laced with ornamental art. Moreover, the up-keep of tin wall is simple to clean and can last long.

If you are considering a white kitchen backsplash that is a long way from basic white tiles, inexpensive shiplap has become a reasonable alternative because of its minimalist look and sleek design.

Mirror tiles make an extraordinary and attractive kitchen backsplash idea as they add more depth, cause the space to appear bigger and they will work to reflect light.


Tips to pick a kitchen backsplash 

Picking a kitchen backsplash is a reflection of your style. Your kitchen backsplash is a piece of personality. Loud or nude, funky or minimal; What’s your style? Here are a few tips to pick a suitable kitchen backsplash.



For more tips and tricks and to ensure high-quality kitchen remodeling and renovations, contact Kay2 Contracting today to discuss your home improvement ideas and book a free consultation. Whether you reside in Calgary, Canmore, Banff, or Edmonton and surrounding areas, our team of renovation experts are ready to assist you.