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Signs That You Should Consider an Office Renovation


Every property goes through the unavoidable aging process, commonly referred to as depreciation, and commercial areas are definitely not immune to this. You shouldn’t compromise on style and design just because the structure is an office and not your home. Office and commercial renovations are equally as important as home renovations but oftentimes people are unable to identify that their office needs upgrading.

To address this common issue, we are listing five indicators that can instantly reflect that your office needs remodeling:

Your Clients Avoid Holding Meetings at your Office:

If you’ve ever wondered about why clients prefer holding meetings anywhere else but not your office, it’s likely that they are avoiding a visit to your office! This is because the first impression is often the last impression. If you notice that your clients avoid coming to your office for meetings or you yourself feel embarrassed hosting meetings at your office and are often preferring to meet elsewhere, it might mean your office needs a renovation. Your office should be designed in a manner that will create an inviting and impressive place for your clientele instead of hiding it from them. This is especially important when you meeting new clients.

Outdated or Deteriorating Furniture and Equipment:

Technology is constantly evolving and advancing with each passing day and so are furniture, and seating trends. Deteriorating furniture and outdated equipment are obvious signs that your office remodeling is due. You can easily identity deterioration if:

  • The furniture is old-fashioned, stained and shabby
  • The wall paint is chipping or fading
  • The flooring has noticeable signs of wear and tear especially in its high traffic areas
  • Lighting is not helping in making your office look brighter and;
  • The overall environment is old and tired.

Employees are Dissatisfied:

Employees can be referred to as the backbone of your business. Today’s corporate environment is extremely competitive and dynamic. Naturally, businesses would be well-advised to ensure maximum employee satisfaction to assist with an increase in their efficiency. One of the ways to ensure optimum employee efficiency is by providing them a hygienic, trendy, welcoming and functional place to work. However, if employees feel uncomfortable or cramped, the equipment is outdated, and the workplace is dim and distressing it will certainly affect their performance and productivity levels.

Your Office Doesn’t Reflect Your Brand Image:

Every brand has a certain image and culture. For example, a tech firm or software house has to look trendy and must be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and furniture. Similarly, a marketing firm’s office must look eclectic and casual while a law firm should look sleek and sophisticated. If the office environment doesn’t reflect your vision, brand, and culture, you will likely find it difficult to encourage potential clients to invest in your business or buy your products/services.

Lack of Employee Amity:

Communication is key to develop strong employee bonds and amity. When employees are unified and work as a team, the entire organization benefits from it. This can heavily depend upon how well-facilitated your office is when it comes to communication. Lack of proper communication channels between different departments will affect the seamless interactions between employees. If they have to personally go to each department to discuss something, this will lead to an unnecessary waste of time and energy.

Benefits of Hiring Commercial Renovation Specialists:

Office remodeling and renovations are an excellent way to impress clients and visitors, and ensure employee retention and job satisfaction. Hiring professional renovation experts is the key to achieving these benefits.

We can help you transform an uninspiring office into a bright, energy-efficient and employee-friendly workspace. Our qualified team of commercial renovation experts in Calgary, Canmore, Banff or Edmonton, and surrounding areas will consider your business requirements, design needs, available space, and budget to devise the most feasible and stylish renovation. Contact us today to discuss your office remodeling requirements and benefit from our vast experience to give your workplace a new and improved look.

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