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Latest Trends in Ensuite Renos: Make This Private Place Your Personal Oasis


Latest Trends in Ensuite Renos:
Make This Private Place Your Personal Oasis

The pandemic has driven everyone inside for extended periods, so never before have folks been as determined to make their private spaces elegant and luxurious, or family friendly and practical. Ensuites; that private places you unwind and relax in, are definitely getting upgrades of the luxurious kind.

Bathroom renovations in general have been a big hit all year long, and forecasters predict the trend will continue well into 2022. But ensuites are getting more than just updates – homeowners are splurging on elegant lighting and gloriously modern fixtures. In fact, it’s in some ways it is because of the coronavirus that people aren’t just settling for new, water efficient toilets. Now, the sale of hands-free models are soaring.

This is just one example of what is trending in ensuite renos this year. There are plenty more, including:

Large or oversized wall tiles. Small, white tile will never go completely out of fashion or popularity, but this year the trend is definitely bigger. Large, colorful tiles in the shower are hugely popular right now, and the same is true of floor tiles.

Quartz for counters. Although folks are asking for luxury, they also want elements of their ensuite to be durable and stain resistant while looking great. Quartz answers all those demands while still looking gorgeous, in a variety of hues and styles.

Floating vanities are popular. This style for your vanity definitely suits modern homes best, but they can work in more traditional settings as well. Freeing up all the space beneath the vanity lends an airy, roomier feel to what is sometimes a small space.

Heated floors. Although heated flooring has been popular in ensuites for a while, this option has become more in demand during pandemic updates. Ensuites are the perfect place to spoil yourself a little, and choosing heated floors, whether stone, tile or wood, is the perfect way to indulge. Imagine getting out of your new, custom-built glass shower on a cold, Alberta winter morning, and stepping out onto a warm, soothing floor. Ah… bliss!

Back lit medicine chests and mirrors. This creates a softer, warmer feel in your ensuite because the lighting is diffused. They offer an alternative to the bright, overhead lights that once dominated in all bathrooms, even ensuites.

Your ensuite is the place to splurge, especially now, when it may be the only spot in the house you can escape to for privacy and an hour of peace and quiet. Have a dip in your new, flat-bottomed tub – also popular these days, as they save space and are great for soaking.

Be sure you have a shelf nearby for candles, open your favorite book, and perhaps even take a glass of wine with you to sip during your private time. You might even want to hang a sign on the ensuite door that says “Please do not disturb!” After the stresses of the past 18 months, you’ve earned some alone time. For more tips or for a free consultation, contact the award-winning team at Kay2 Contracting today.

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