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How to Plan a Home Addition


Home renovations and home remodeling are one of the most intricate processes you will encounter, especially when you are considering a home addition. Adding on a kitchen, washroom, or extra square footage can be a simple and economical approach to improving your home and your lifestyle. Whether you need more space, want to give each child their own room, add a guest room, washroom, or even a home office, a home addition would surely benefit your home. The opportunities for a home addition are restricted simply to your creative mind and your budget. However, these aspects alone should not hinder your basic concepts. Below we discuss some of the initial steps to adding living space to your home.


Before you begin the process of a home addition, you must first determine what you need to have and what you want to have. Once you have this established, you can get on board with a professional renovator for help. A home addition is not easy to carry out by yourself and requires the assistance of multiple home improvement experts. At Kay 2 Contracting our proficient team of designers, architectural engineers and tradesmen are professional, reliable and available to help you with your home addition. We ensure high-quality work and a smooth processing from concept to completion.



  • Examine The Property Lines


Develop a plan by locating the property lines. The plot plan will include the location of the utilities, home, and landscaping. This information is required when planning an addition to your home as your new addition must meet the codes and bylaws of your municipality.  



  • Budgeting 


A home addition can be a costly process. Therefore, it is important to know market values in your area and plan a budget accordingly. Learning where your money would be best spent is a major benefit when improving your home. All this and more can be discuss with your renovator when you are planning for a home addition. 



  • Create a Design That Compliments Your Existing Floor Plan


Take a gander at the structure and the floor plan of your home. With the assistance of an architectural engineer you can create a plan that gives the most appealing, valuable, and efficient home addition. The architectural engineers at Kay2 Contracting possess the capabilities of handling your home addition projects carefully to be cost-effective and time-efficient. They have a vast knowledge regarding planning and designing and can assist you in creating an ideal plan.



  • Sort The Key Objectives and Choose Savvy Displays


Determine and identify the objectives and list them together. Try your best to stick to your plan and do your best to stay on track to avoided unnecessary expenses and delays. Once complete, take some inspiration and choose some savvy splurges and accents for your home addition. 


Whether you live in Calgary, Canmore, Banff, or Edmonton and surrounding areas, if you’re unsure of the right direction to go when expanding your property, contact a specialist at Kay2 Contracting. Our award-winning team of home renovators have a vast knowledge and experience in this space and can help you achieve your properties potential. 


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